At the Same Time

Friday Thougths

1. I blatantly stole the title from Norma.

2. Norma finished a sweater, but I only have finished mittens.

3. Did you know you can listen to Bright Eyes new album on NPR until February 15th (the release date)?  It's good, very rockin'!

4. Like Norma I have no pictures today, but it is gray and cloudy.

5. At least it's not an inversion. 

6. We might get a little snow but, most of you are sick of snow, so I won't talk about it.

7. Is everyone excited about knitting through the Super Bowl?

8. I don't usually watch the game, but this year I'm rooting for the Packers.

9. It's solely because of Vicki

10. Smith is putting up grow lights and readying trays of dirt.

11. He's excited about starting a few early crops.

12. He's also planning what and when to plant in the garden.

13. Soon there will be seeds starts all over the house.

14. It's way cool to see him passionate about a hobby.

15. We knitters understand. Right?

Happy weekend everyone! 


Oh yes, we understand!

Happy weekend to you and Smith too :)

Oh yes we truly do understand! Yay Smith!!

Yeah Smith! I love the idea of planting new life in the dead of winter. It gives hope that the green will come... eventually.

I think Friday Thoughts is a great idea! :-) And, yeah, we definitely understand. Enjoy the weekend... (And if it weren't for Vicki, I wouldn't even know it WAS Super Bowl weekend. Go Packers!)

Superbowl? What's that?

I wondered why all of the samples at Costco yesterday were meat, meat, meat. Chicken wings, pulled pork, sausages, tri-tip steak, etc. Also some chips and fried mozzarella sticks. Then one of the demo people mentioned the superbowl, and I understood.

I'm actually a little terrified of the superbowl at this point. I've heard stories of Pittsburgh erupting in riots at the end of the game and I'm going to have to very strategically avoid those...

I stupidly asked Smith if it would be easier for him to buy beer...I don't know what came over me. He was kind enough to let it pass by not asking if it would be easier for me to buy...say, mittens or socks. I felt like such an idiot.

I can't wait to see what Farmer Smith starts to grow!! It's getting to be SUPER crazy around here with the Super Bowl fever... I've engaged my media filter. ; )

Love starting seeds - sometimes too early, but one can always hope for an early spring to get those transplants out in the garden. Our last frosts are usually at the end of April, so I think I will wait a few weeks to get out the soil and seeds. However, it is always time to knit. Peg

The Packers? Oh, that's just sad.

I'm pulling for the Packers too. I like their quarterback Aaron Rogers. Seems like a decent kid unlike the one from the other team. I plan on starting a container garden with my 2yo son this summer. I think he will love planting things in the dirt.

Planting seems like the perfect reaction to the dog days of winter (if that's a term). I should get out the Aerogarden--watching the sprouts would be a nice way to mark the time until summer.
I like the Packers, too, even though my attitude toward them is marred somewhat by my reaction to Bret Favre. I guess I can't hold BF against them at this point.

The seeds and growing plants will bring spring to your threshold a bit earlier - lucky you! I'll be knitting, eating jambalaya, and routing for the Packers!

I was trying to figger out how Smith rigging up trays of dirt was in support of the Packers. Took me a minute there. ;)

We completely understand! Have a happy weekend!!

I've been perusing my seed catalogs and dreaming of veggie gardens in the spring.

I LOVE the numbered sentences. You made me smile. Thank you. This work week has had 12 days! Have a wonderful weekend, and GO PACKERS!!

It is exciting to start things growing--it makes spring seem closer. With the mountains of snow here in MA, it is hard to imagine it coming any time soon, but thanks for the reminder that it will come again. It always does...
Definitely planning to knit through the Super Bowl. I have a simple pair of self-striping socks for the exciting bits, and might start something lacy if things drag a bit.

We've been pouring over seed catalogs. Now we just need more land for all the seeds we think we need. Go Smith!

Haha, I just wrote tomorrow's post BEFORE I saw this one. People are going to think we are having a lovefest -- wait! I think we ARE! :D

I'm not much of a gardener, although I have grown herbs in pots. Suddenly, the idea of starting to grow SOMETHING indoors is very appealing - a sign that Spring will come....

Will knit part way through the SuperBowl. I know how the cold winter days, short sunlight, and promise of spring makes seeds IRRESISTIBLE.

We're doing the garden-dreaming thing, but still a long way from starting plants. Our last frost is end of May. (And sometimes in June...)
Happy weekend!

I have long been a lurker (on most blogs I read) but your post made me happy enough to break out with a comment. I wanted to do a backhand spring when it finally occurred to me that my husband's wine collection was finally a counterpoint to my hobby habits! The guilt was gone. I knit him socks and he lets me drink the wine!

Nice thoughts!
1. Of course we understand, and some of us are passionate about plants too.
2. It's ok that you have 'only' made mittens, you have a big stack of finished sweaters and need mittens.
3. I am glad there's no inversion.
4. I'm still not tired of snow.
Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

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