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Scattered thoughts have been hard to pull together and instead of trying to make sense of any one idea, I decided to make a list of good things, favorite things, happy things. 

At the top of my favorites list is a snow covered mountain paired with beautiful blue sky. This view is better than aged wine. Monday was bitterly cold and I nearly froze my fingers off taking this picture but, as you can see, it was worth it.


The extra layers of clothing we've been wearing maybe coming off, as warmer temperatures move in for the weekend. A reprieve from winter is always welcome.


However, I know there will be plenty of days ahead to wear my favorite, perfectly warm, new mittens.  Kirsten not only designed the mittens, she's designed a matching hat!  I fear I will be heading back to the yarn shop for another ball of yearn yarn.  (Does anyone else type yearn when they mean yarn or yarn when they mean yard?)  You can also buy the pair as an ebook.  Ebooks are my new favorite way to buy knitting patterns. Do not worry there will be a better photo shoot to show off my favorite new mittens.


Another of my favorite thangs are the seedlings popping through the soil in Smith's improvised "green house".  He installed grow lights and shelving under our basement stairs and turned the space into a mini-growing station.   Little seedlings of salad greens, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes have started their growing process. 

Another of my favorite things is giving yarn and goodies away.  Thank you to everyone  commented last week while I celebrated 1800 posts and 60,000 comments.  Laurie, of Etherknitter fame, left the 60,000th comment and since she is a dear friend it seems quite appropriate.  I'll show her gift after she receives it.

Another Laurie, this one of The Art of Tying Holes Together, was the winner of the "grand prize", Miriam Felton's book Twist & Knit.  Laurie may or may not be happy to receive the skein of handspun which should be enough for the Comfy Shawl. (I know she likes purple, but the yarn could be another matter.)


Mr. Yarndude won the prize of Shibui Sock and a notions bag. Hopefully the colors will be something he likes and will use.  Dear reader, please scroll down a bit in Peter's latest post to see his beautiful "Blue Whale", a design by Stephen West.  I'll be waiting impatiently until its "general public" release in April.  So many fabulous new patterns, so little time!!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


We're supposed to warm up, too!!!!! Just in time. Of course, by warm up I mean 40's, but I'm so excited. What great prizes. Happy Friday, Sweetie!!!!

What wonderful favorites! So bright and beautiful and happy. Thanks for sharing. (Except maybe not that new Stephen West design -- because now I just . . . want it.) Have a fabulous weekend!

Yup - the mountain photo was totally worth it. :)

Great giveaways! I'm anxious to see what you sent to Mrs. Etherknitter!

I'm so glad it was Laurie who left that milestone comment!

Totally wonderful that Laurie left the 60,000 comment! Congrats to all the winners!

That's the handspun I may not like???? It's gorgeous!!! My gosh, Margene, I'm all verklempt. It's going to make a fabulous Comfy Shawl!!

Those beautiful little green shoots totally made my day (as much as that lovely purple yarn). Maybe I'll go out and tear down our already-falling-down garage and build myself a greenhouse... :-)

How do we always fall for the same patterns?

I had my eye on this Blue Whale too! :)

Have a great weekend.

Blue Whale is cool! I find that I am in need (well, more accurately, in want) of a new shawl. I'm ready for a "heat wave." LOVE the headstart on the garden -- so lovely to see new green things. Happy weekend, Margene.

Wow, that mountain photo is amazing! I love the mittens, too. I think I'm going to make them for a friend. And I'm sure I can find something to do with that sock yarn, no worries. Thanks so much!

Oh, look at all of the little plant babies! I must get started on that.

Congrats to all the winners! That Shibui sock yarn is delish.

Matching hat! How awesome is that???

Congrats to the winners!!

We're getting warmer temperatures, too. Yay!!! And yay for having new plants growing. :)

Ah, Smith's wonderful green growing things! They remind me of Science Fair time when the boys were in high school. At least one of them would do something with plants. And they also remind me that spring will come. It will come...right?

Every time you post a picture of those mountains, I sigh... just so beautiful. My husband agrees, and suggests that I post a picture of the view from the back of our house. Not quite the same though....

I'm envious of your seedlings! I should be starting some myself, it's supposed to be in the low 60s next week!

I always type yarn when I mean yarn. See, I just did it!

That really is perfect that Laurie left the 60,000th comment.

Seeing your seedling was a nice surprise. I hadn't even thought of what I'll plant in my garden this year yet. I guess that I ought to get on that.

I love the little sproutlings! I'm so glad the lights are working. I still can't believe it's already that time of year for us.

Wonderful prizes!

A lovely list of lovelies! Thanks for the reminder on the seedlings. It is about that time and we have some planning to do :-)

What a nice, light-hearted post. I love the ebook method too... instant gratification. Have a lovely and romantic Valentine's weekend.

Excellent list - and just the thing for a day like today!

Oh. Those little green shoots. Such fun. Blue skies, green shoots, lovely gifts. Much to enjoy these days! Happy weekend.

Thank you! It is always shocking when the moment in time transpires like that.

I do a lot of yearn/yarn misappropriations.

Love your mountain, and Smith's idea, which give me ideas, as we've got a space under the basement stairs that would work wonderfully for that :o)

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