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Your comments and kindnesses mean so much to me. Many people who started blogging around the same time I did have moved on, found other interests or forums. Vicki, Norma, and Kim come to mind as some of the few who are still around.  Even locally, blogs brought Susan and I together, and BFF Cheryl happened to find this blog through an internet search.  My life has been enhanced in wonderful ways by the many people I've met in Blogland. Thank you, again. 

Enough with the navel gazing, let's talk about knitting!


It's been very, very cold, with a little snow and chilly winds thrown in, but knitting Clepsydra, has warmed my heart. The flow of the design, along with the lusciousness of golden orange alpaca, creates a seductiveness that keeps me entranced. Not only have I finished one beautiful, sun colored mitten, I’m half way through the next. My love for mittens might be driven by the cold, but having a companion certainly helps.  Even though life has intervened, and Suzy is a bit behind, we're both still suffering from Mitten Madness and we know what our next project will be. You'll know soon enough.

Notcloudsitssnow                                                   You must embiggen
As I said, it is cold...biting cold, due to the wind but, the wind ushers in clear blue skies and gorgeous photos. That's not clouds hanging over the mountain peaks, that's blowing snow.  brrrr

I haven't said much about prizes as I didn't want to alert the contest seekers. Prizes will be given as milestones are reached.  Don't alert the media.


that shot is stunning. one more thing to love about winter!

I adore your mitten! The color, the design, the yarn. It is simply perfect! (I want some!)

Your mountain is magnificent, as is your mitten. Such a toasty color. My older daughter and I toy with the idea of a mother/daughter blog, but we never seem to get beyond toying. Maybe in the summer.... Until then, I'll continue to be inspired by you (and Carole, Kim, Cheryl, Norma, and Co.)

Beautiful mitten! And what a nice thing to knit lots of, too! I love the idea of Mitten Madness. They will keep you warm with the blowing snow on the beautiful mountain!

That wind (or one like it) blew through here last night! I had to stand at the door and watch for a while last night, and drove through many drifts this morning!

Lovely mitt and your mountain looks to me this morning like a weirdly shaped cake with a generous sugar dusting :)

Pretty, pretty mitten. It looks really soft. I love that shot of the snow blowing - but that's because I'm a Southern flatlander who is obsessed with mountains and snow.

Stay warm, my friend!

I am so sorry, mitten of course!
I hope I didn't insult anybody :)

Nice mitten, Kitten!

I've been wanting a pair of mittens to go with my orange coat, but it's been a quiet desire thus far. Your picture has bubbled the yearning up to the top, so I think I'll be rifling through the stash tonight.

Margene, I'm glad you are enjoying Mitten Knittin'.

Love the mitten! That bit of black was an excellent idea.

Brr, so cold! BRRR! Missed you grrls last night, but it was just too cold to face getting in the car again for me!

That's the opposite of here--no sky to be seen. It occurred to me this a.m. (walking uphill to school on an icy sidewalk that had yet to be cleared) that the upside of this is the beauty of the ice-covered winter trees. Each twig glistens so much more wonderfully than any Christmas tree.
Hoping your other NE (and midwest) readers are surviving this storm.

I mostly lurk but I do want to tell you I've been reading your blog for years and have gotten much inspiration from your knitting, writing, and photos. I think of blogs like yours and Norma's as slices of life from around America - like newspaper columns. so thanks for sharing your piece of Utah with us.

I do love those mittens and I haven't knit a pair yet this winter. Maybe if I do this crazy snow we're getting will abate?

My thermostat says it's 6 degrees outside now. BRRRRR!

(Also meant to say, lovely mitts! Ultra Alpaca is such a great yarn.) :)

Love the color of those mittens, on computer they kind of look rusty/coralish :}. Glad to no longer be a lurkingloo....

Oh that mountain picture is absolutely fabulous! My how humble we should feel in the presence of such greatness!
Your mittens are gorgeous too.

A mitten colored like a tropical sunset! Ahh...

Another gorgeous photo of the mountain, but brrrr! It was SO COLD last night. You're really going to need those pretty mittens.

Thanks for the glimpse of blue sky today!

I enjoy your blog. your's was one of the first that I discovered. In fact it was about a knitted shawl that your sister liked so much to she nipped it from you! many moons ago....

I am loving your mitten project -- don't know which one I want to do first.

That Bavarian stitch pattern on your mittens is elegant! It reminds me of the stitch I used on a pair of socks a few years ago (I call them California Curves Socks). Knitting the mirror image keeps you on your toes, yes?

The longevity of your blog makes you practically an institution in the knitting blog world. Glad you've kept it going!

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