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You may think mitten knitting and sun colored yarns have taken over my mind but, not to worry, I still love blue and I still love knitting socks. In fact, I'm quite immersed in knitting Blue Fire.  Pyromania is a more suitable project for portability and ease of knitting than the mitten project.

This pattern is something I can easily keep on track while chatting and, after a few weeks of SnB meetings, there is a leg!  A very big plus, was my ability to keep track of the "Eye of Partridge Heel", which shows my brain power may be kicking in again. (One can only hope.)


It would be very difficult to count how many socks I’ve knit over the years. I remember the first sock (c. 1991) not very fondly. For some reason the teacher picked hard cotton yarn with the end result being unyielding, uncomfortable socks. After that experience I nearly gave up, (although I knit two pair).


When a local dyer made up kits with a simple pattern and her very soft, lovely hand-dyed wool. They soon become an addiction, like potato chips, and I couldn't knit just one. I knit several pair of cozy, colorful socks for myself and as gifts.  With constant wear the toes blew out, but I still love them and can't get rid of a single one. They were my first comfy socks and, for that reason, they still reside in my sock drawer.  My intention has been to fix the toes and wear them again.


Every sock in my sock drawer brings up a memory and I can remember what was happening  as I knit the sock.  The sock above was my first bit of lace (c.1997) and the picture below is a pair of socks I made from a Stahl book (1994). The contrasting yarn was leftover from a pair of socks I knit for my sister.


Through the 1990s embroidery was a large part of my life, but I always had a sock in progress. They were portable, made good traveling companions, and were easy to carry on airplanes.  While much of the day was spent bent over an embroidery frame, knitting in the evenings gave me a chance to relax my back and still keep my hands busy.  By the time I arrived home I had at least one finished sock, sometimes two.

At beginning of the new century, and as internet access became widely available, knitting socks lead to internet searches, Yahoo groups, and eventually blogs. The short of it is, here I am 7 years later…


I had to laugh when I saw your socks with dates on them. I was going through my knitting bags last weekend and was also counting socks and years they were knit. Alas, these were all single socks, still waiting for mates! I can date the handspun socks because I remember spinning the yarn just after I took classes on spinning for socks and I can check my notes for dates. I did work on one of them last night -- I knit the cuff 3 times. A little problem with a too-tight cast on. Now fixed. Onward!

I'm impressed that you've been knitting socks for a couple decades! Especially since there were so many fewer patterns back in the day. Although pattern scarcity would have made it far easier to decide which pattern to knit next! :)

Nice to get to hear about your sock history! You have been far more persistent in knitting them than I have, though I can attribute my brief and occasional return to socks to you:)

I love the pink lacy cuffs! No matter how hard I try to jump on the sock wagon, the shawl express keeps pulling me back.

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