A Postcard
Out of Hand


Thank you for a lovely post on a grey, cold morning. Your fun made me smile, and that's a gift. :)

You guys are funny! Thanks!

Looks like fun to me and I love the way you color coordinated your outfits and mittens!

WONDERFUL FO shoot! You are having so much fun, one almost misses the mittens. But not quite. Warm! Pretty! Nice!

Good friends. Good mittens. Good fun. Love it all, Margene! :-)

What a great series of pics. Beautiful mittens, silly grrls!!!!

You are definitely having too much mad fun. Wonderful mittens!

It's gotten completely out of hand -- pun intended!

Who needs sun? You've got some nifty mittens and a good chum! (okay, a little sun would make it even more perfect!). Happy Day!

Loved this. A lot.

Never underestimate the sheer joy of mittens. (And thank you for sharing the joy with us!)

Oh, that's just wonderful!!!

Cute, and what fun pictures. Can't wait to see the mittens!

I was laughing before I even got to the pictures. Even though I have plenty of mittens, I may have to knit these. They look grrreat!

Did you and Suzi coordinate your clothes on purpose, or was it serendipitous? You two are so cute.

Oh, how adorable - you're TWINZIES!

Those are some awesome mittens!

Happy Anniversary!


Very cute post - and fabulous mittens! :)

What a fun post!

Fabulous photo shoot. Love the color contrasts and the fun and games. Oh - and the mittens are fantastic!

Awesome ... the pictures and the mittens!

Lovely, everything!
Mitts, photos, post I love it all, thank you :)

Aww...you guys had fun and that is the best part of this post. I always love your enthusiasm!!!

Much love!

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