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The SnB Swap

As you may have heard, the SLC SnBers are a tightly knit group and, while we have fun every week, the best thing about having a swap is seeing people who can't visit that often.  Sadly, my camera never came out of the bag and when it did, the pictures were crappy. Such is the life, and light, inside a coffee shop. We love our Jitterbug, nonetheless.  


Eliza was the recipient of the lovely Tree of Life mitts and she not only loves them, they fit her perfectly.  Beaverslide, vintage buttons, and a nice pattern, made knitting a pleasure, and seeing them on Eliza hands was icing on the cake.


The very cool gift I received was knit by Kathryn, one of our newest members. She knit a long piece, covered with a two color design that created the number seven, folded it in half, and crocheted around the edge to create a thick mat. It is the perfect trivet for my teapot.

The festivities were fun and raucous.  All the gifts were not only beautifully knit, they were well received. We’re quite a group, and that's a fact.


What a perfect trivet! And what a fun way to celebrate with your group. A perfect way to fight the January blahs. :-)

The gift you gave and the gift you received - both wonderful! I can just imagine how much fun you all had, it's a wonderful group!

How lovely. And, a perfect way to cut into the bleak midwinter!!!

You certainly have a terrific group of knitters in SLC!

What a great, creative idea! Glad you had a fun swap - I miss you guys!!

Fun times - I'm envious of your nice group!

That trivet is so cool!

Start planning for next year! Let's see . . . the number 8 looks like an hourglass. Maybe everyone should knit something with short rows!

I love Kathryn's idea! How cute!

I knew that last post was Susan's, even before I saw her name.

What a great and creative group you have! Love your trivet! I was thinking of learning to crochet pot holders to use as trivets. Cracking up at Susan's comment.


Sounds like the perfect way to liven up a wintery day!

Sounds like a great day - and remember, better tightly knit than tightly wound. ;-)

I love the mitts you made...and I wish with all my heart that I had a knitting group like yours!

What a delightful time it must have been! Love how your mitts came together, especially the nice touch of vintage buttons.

How wonderful to have such a lovely group of knitters to be with - every week! Both presents are really nice.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

I have my knitting group with the guild, and sometimes I think I couldn't live without them. In fact, I had to cancel this month (I'm the coordinator right now.) because of weather, and it's thrown my entire knitting month off.

It sounds like you've got a great group going there and what a thoughtful gift you received (and gave as well!)

there's nothing quite so fun as our knitting pals :-)

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