A Beautiful End

Survival (Part 2)

When in the gray depths of an inversion, remember the sky is blue above the gunk.

Also, remember the interesting cloud formations of a very cold Saturday morning (from the chickengrrls home) and the crystal clear blue sky of the afternoon.


The days may be very cold, almost bitter cold, but a clear sky, of a magnificent blue, can boost the spirit and warm the heart.

Ah, blue sky, I remember you well.  Come back soon!


I hope you look up and see blue very soon!

Just breathtaking! Love the clear blue sky of winter! I remember my first year of retirement being shocked at how cloudy a Ct. afternoon would become in November even when the morning was blue sky and sunny.

Hope January passes by quickly!

January can be such a very, very long month. Hang in there and keep that stunning blue in mind!

As long as you have the blue skies in your heart, you're good!!! We're almost down one full week in January.

Now that Willie Nelson song with Blue Skies (however it goes) is going to be stuck in my head!

Breathtaking. I hope the roads and weather are clear enough for a trip above the inversion this weekend.

Gunk, gunk, go away - do not come back on any day!

sounds like a trip U P to silver lake is in order! bundle up in wool :)

They will, they will, don't worry!
(sky are they in Hebrew so I think I may call them they, right?)

January is the cruelest month, but let me say the pollution makes the sunsets outstanding.

I hope that your beautiful blue skies return soon.

A drive up the canyon can certainly help.


Always a nice reminder! We've been having more clouds than normal and another severely cold snap is on it's way the end of the weekend. I think I'll hibernate at home :-)

I think the bitter cold is probably better than the inversion, but I was grateful to feel the slight warming trend this morning while out walking just before dawn. Have a cozy-warm weekend!

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