Survival (Part 2)



Rather than bemoan my lack of knitting skills, or confess my knitting nightmares, let's end the week on a positive note.  Above you see all the ball bands, or tags, from 2010s yarns. I get a kick out of saving, then trashing at the end of the year.  


Hamamelis, the beautifully blue shawl, has been in the neglected stage of knitting. Usually, I'm not much for neglect but, apparently my knitting prowess has slowed and having multiple large sized projects is grounds for chaos and confusion. This past week Hammy was rescued from obscurity and has grown (and will continue to grow) quite nicely.

The SnB Ewe-tah grrls will be celebrating their 7th anniversary next week (SEVEN years we're been stitching and bitching together!).  The theme  for our swap project is...tah dah! SEVEN. (It was Susan, of course, who had to suggest a theme.) 

Cheryl (bless her) helped me find the right project (but, it's a secret until next week) and, with a little backward and forward knitting (damn that frog!), I made it through the project in a few days.  Deadline knitting averted, due to the misbehaving of my largest project. You gotta love that (or not). sigh

I get by with a little help from my friends and Suzy helped me into the next project, the beautiful tweedy Woodruff mitten. She fell in love at first sight and I tumbled right along with her.  We egged each other into finding the right yarn, which meant a trip to the  LYS, where we found the perfect wool, Tahki Donegal Tweed. She bought the most luscious red and I opted for Charcoal (at least it's not blue!). Knitting the swatch completely sold me on this yarn, as it softened, bloomed, and turned into a lovely fabric. (Someday I'll knit a sweater with this yarn!)

Until I can wrangle the larger project, get it corralled, tamed and behaving well, I will stick with smaller knitting projects (and my friends).


Seven years! That's fantastic and you definitely have an awesome group, I'm glad I was part of it once upon a time. Saving the ball bands is such a fun idea!

I'm thinking that sounds like a positive-ly perfect plan! I've been eye-ing that Woodruff pattern myself. Such a gorgeous mitten! (And I can't wait to see the secret project! I'm always a sucker for seed stitch/moss stitch . . . and buttons!)

You have a knitting family after 7 years. You are all more than just friends! Love Hammy and the mitten is going to be warm and lovely. Happy Friday, Dearheart!!!!!

Yup - queued it. LOVE it. Hope you SnB girls have a GREAT Anniversary!!

You'll find a lot of comfort knitting Hammy. It grows quickly once you get in the groove. The yarn for the mittens looks lush. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished mitt. Happy anniversary to your SnB group!

Hey! I thought the seven theme was a good idea! Watch out, 'cause next year I might actually make it hard!

Those mittens are AWESOME!

Wow, you have a lot of knitting projects on the needles!

Yarn labels are great for decoupage projects. :)

I love that mitten pattern, especially the cuff.

I'm sorry I'll be missing the anniversary party! Boo-hoo!

I have a sweater's worth of really nice brown Donegal tweed that was my mom's. I'm not going to use it! Send me your address, and it's yours!

I've been lusting after Hamamelis, but have too many things on the needles. Have to finish at least one before I start something more...

Congratulations on 7 years! It's wonderful that a group has stuck together that long.
Those mittens are going to be gorgeous!

You do find the most beautiful blues! I look forward to seeing the finished shawl photos.

Excellent plan! good luck and congratulations to all the Utah grrrls on the 7th anniversary (wow).

Lovely starts to the New Year! Everything has its season, right? Sometimes the season is autumn harvest (rip or finish!) and other times it's winter hibernation! Glad you brought Hammy back out for one more try. Funny, I used to collect ball bands, telling myself I was going to put them into a project scrapbook, then decided Ravelry was fulfilling that purpose. Did you have a ceremonial fire for the labels on New Year's Eve?

Seven years! How wonderful.

And what's wrong with blue? ;^)


Seven years of wonderful friends, many projects and lots of good laughs..Congrats!
You'll love knitting with the Donegal Tweed..I was gifted a good amount a few years ago and did a's a good feel..wears well.
Cheers to You and Your Group~

Hamamelis is lovely - love the color, and that's a lotta ball bands!

7 years -- longer than most marriages! What a great group you have. Donegal Tweed is so awesome -- another one of those under-appreciated yarns. I just LOVE the colors.

Can't wait to see what your 7-themed project is!

Love it! And Love your ball band idea. Very cool way to start and end a year.

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