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Last Friday, just before the end of the work day, Kirsten published her new mitten and I immediately emailed Suzy.

Me: Kirsten Kapur has a mitten I love, Clepsydra*Rav_linkredyarnball.

Suzy: OMG - LOVE - let's knit them together.... want to?

The short of it is we decided we were being too impulsive, buying (yet more) yarn, starting new projects and, seemingly, showing little control. 

It was Suzy's Mom who set us straight.  What was the harm, the cost was little, and if we enjoyed knitting mittens together, why not go for it? 

We had to acknowledge our love, and slight craziness, for this simple obsession, so the next morning, as soon as we could pull ourselves together, we headed to the LYS for Berroco Ultra Alpaca for our NEW mittens.

Here is Suzy's Clepsydra, color Steel Cut Oats, laying next to her super duper, rock star kitty, Hootie. Hootie doesn't give a hoot.


And here's mine, in Candied Yam, which is the same color as the feathers on chickengrrl Millie's neck. Millie doesn't give a hoot, either.


But, Suzy and I do! We're having fun knitting our way through a great design with great yarn and, when finished, our hands will be warm.  You can call us happy and maybe a little giggly, too.  (We shared a skein of black for the cuff.)

*Clepsydra: klep-si-druh


Mittens are like potato chips - addicting and you can't have just one!

Soooo nice to have a partner in crime?!

Ooo - another winner! I love Kirsten's patterns!!

You can't go wrong with any of Kirsten's patterns. Aren't mittens addicting?

Verra verra nice! Party on!

It's mitten season out there, obviously!

Aw, Hootie has his tail over his nose. So cute.

So pretty. I love the color of yours (so predictable I am).

I'm not a mitten person, but those may have changed my mind.

Off to see if I have any handspun that would work.

I like your colorway better...but that Hootie truly IS a rock star. ;-)

Millie says Trix are for kids and Hoots are for owls.

Off to queue that one. Too little time, too many gorgeous mittens!
I love yours, both of them...
(At least Hootie and Millie don't EAT the yarn as my Tonk does)

Thanks for the pronunciation - I was fumbling with it in my brain!

oo that looks like a fun one!


I'm so glad you two grrls were set straight.

nice mitts!
I wish that it was cold enough here to warrant making them - but not this year.
Have fun - they are a perfect project (nearly instant gratification)

Great pattern. Mine will be in Berocco Ultra Alpaca, but in red that I happen to have in stash. Off to find some black for the cuff.

Adorable all the way around- having fun with your knitter friend, having something in the feather colors of Millie, and giving in to enjoying the moment!
It is a lovely pattern and yarn choice.

Too funny!

More than lovely, I guess I need to knit those. Millie-on-the-brain mitts! Now I know what color she has on her neck feathers!

Wow - how could you not fall in love with that pattern? I'm not even a mitten person and I want to knit them. Thanks for the link. Happy knitting.

Suzy has a Very Wise Mum. Both are gorgeous.. Hootie has spots :^)
Mercy that Candied Yam is a gorgeous colour!

Love, love, love the mittens; the yarn; and the fact that you're knitting them together! Have fun!

You can never have too many mittens... Trust me.

FUN!! I love the Candied Yam color - gotta get myself some of that one.

She has the weirdest mitten names - but the best patterns!

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