To My Friends in Blogland
A Beautiful End


Just had our first inversion here in Ct. that I can remember. How funny to have air quality alerts in winter! That picture makes me think spring is coming! Well sort of....

I bet seeing those little sprouts really does help!

You have seedlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, no - wishing you cleaner air very soon! Love your little green babies. :)

Here's hoping for a little warmer weather.

What a great idea to start greens during the winter months. Seeing wee greens popping up out of the soil certainly helps ones outlook during the ick of inversion.

Oh no! I'm sorry about the inversion. Smith's greens will be a fun diversion!

So sorry about the inversion. Growing things is always a perfect way to offset winter blues! Bring on the gardening!

Rats and Drats on that inversion.
Aww, little green babies, they ARE cute!

Oh my, grow lights... now I KNOW it's serious! ; )

Boy, are you greening hooklineandsinker! Love microgreens!

Boo to the inversion!


That's such a great way to make your way through the inversion.

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