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The mighty, mini, mitts and mittens have help me recapture the fun in knitting.  Pushing to do larger project, pushing to knit for the blog had become a chore and, while there is love for what's on my needles, there is also a sense of obligation.  Getting caught up in Mitt(en) Madness has been good for my knitting psyche.

Knitting the mitt for our SnB Swap gave me a sense of accomplishment and replenished my desire to knit.  The feeling of instant gratification, of creating something so useful, beautiful, and delightful in the short term, has been the ticket. I'm ready to ride, as finishing a small, doable within days project, is addicting.


Suzy turned me onto the Woodruff mittens and we had a blast picking the yarn, knitting the mittens, and being generally silly and giggly. Usually, we're not prone to the giggles, but knitting mittens has brought out the little grrl in each of us.  Through our silliness, we complained about the complicated nature of the twist and cables but, we knew they'd be worth the effort, and they were!  Tahki Donegal Tweed, is sturdy, warm, cozy and deliciously tweedy. 

While knitting the complicated mittens I had an easier project to turn to, if needed. Cheryl was unable to attend our SnB Swap and, to make matters worse, while she was away her Barbies made trouble.  I felt she needed something to sooth the sadness and ache of missing the grrlfriend fun.


Thanksgiving Day Mitts had just the right amount of cabling to be interesting.  The yarn is the same as she used for her Brioche Hood Hat and it was so soft, silky and squishy.  I shortened the hand by 10 rows and added rows around the thumb opening. Cheryl was very happy and knitting them for her filled a place in my heart.

The mitten madness must continue, as it's brought me so much joy. Suzy and I have found a new object of our obsession, so stay tuned.


I love the mittens and the mitts. I've actually been meaning to queue those Thanksgiving mitts - thanks for the reminder.

We oughta work on being more prone to giggles...even when not mitten knitting?!

Must have those mittens! What do you think about the squared off tips? Lucky Cheryl.

I'm getting ready to start on a round of mittens myself! There's just something so wonderful about them - whether it be the relative quickness of the knit or the history or the extreem versitility of patterns. I'm glad you are enjoying yours!

I love your mittens, but I do believe a big part of the fun is knitting them with a friend, a giggly wonderful friend!!!!

Fantastic mittens! YAY for warm hands!!

Your mittens are marvelous! So snuggly and I love the flecks of color. How appropriate that you made some modifications in your knit for Cheryl!

I love your knitting, your ability to perfectly match color, yarn, and pattern, but the reason I look forward to your posts is your outlook on life and the honesty by which you live. You never make life feel like a chore. Thanks Margene!

Mittens in January are such a wonderful gift. Hands must be warm.

I think mittens might be the most perfect knitting project! Small and manageable; endless variety; fun and functional; AND they're visible! I love your mittens, and so glad you had so much fun with the process.

Yay for finding the joy in your knitting again!

Love, Love and Love some more!
They are beautiful!..I love the idea of a knit that doesn't take forever but fulfills the need..I've been doing some very easy, basic fingerless...and feel just as you do..mission accomplished but not up to my ears in fibre.
I love to see anything you post..chicks, mitts, sweaters..and PUPS...

that tweed is great!

I actually got addicted to short term projects a long time ago.......gave up knitting huge afghans, and time consuming sweaters........give me hats, mittens, scarves any old day.

They look so warm and cozy!

There is definitely something awesome about creating your own small, beautiful, useful objects!

I'm glad you're finding satisfaction in your knitting! Yay!
Thanks once again for my wonderful mitts.

I'm so glad you've refound the love!


Things for the hands are such perfect projects for this time of year... I love the lush color and feel of Cheryl's mitts, almost can reach out and touch them and know how they would feel!

Both mittens are lovely, and I'm all for anything that induces giggles!

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