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Breaking Out

When the decision was made to break out of the fog, and take back my knitting fortitude, it was easy to see I was in overwhelm. Too many projects do not help with fog, they just weight me down. Creating a sense of accomplishment seemed a must and, I confess, a little envy helped, too.


Suzy finished her glorious red WoodruffRav_linkredyarnball mittens long before I had finished one cuff, and while I'm not competitive, I am desirous. I want my mittens, too! (She granted permission for use of her photoRav_linkredyarnball.) Are they not gorgeous!? 

My needles have been working and, thankfully, there has been no back and forthing.  The mitten grows. The pattern is complicated and there are many techniques happening at once. With bobbles, twisted stitches, and even more twisted stitches turning into cables, it's a lot to think about, a lot to do. BUT, I'm doing it!

Add in the moss stitch for the palm and, well, this pattern demands you stay awake.  Maybe that's exactly what was needed to break the ennui, the fog, the la te dah, of knitting.  From the looks of it, I'm on the right track.  Knock wood.


They do look like a complex mitten. Keeps you on your toes, though, and that might be just what you need!

Cute mittens. How did that yarn ball come up?

Complex,but interesting. And, those babies will be warm, too!!! Keep on truckin' Margene!!!!

Those are great mittens! There IS a lot going on there, in such a tiny little space. :-) Just what you need!

Grrls knitting is the best and you're going to love 'em! What're we going to egg each other into next? Woot!

They are looking great so far and just in time for nasty inversions and cold temps! Knit on!!

Definitely mittens that require thinking, but so worth the effort! One project at a time will get you back in form!

Oh, I love the little tweed bits in your yarn. Persevere - those mittens will be fabulous.

Knock,knock! your mitten to be looks lovely!

Funny, I bought that pattern too. After I finish lurking at blogs, I was planning on balling up my yarn to start! Thanks for the warning that this is a challenging knit. I am looking forward to it and wearing mine. It's in the teens here today and anything warm is welcome.

Those mittens are FANTASTIC!!!

You are on a roll grrl! Those are technique busy mittens. They're in my queue and I am looking forward to knitting them.

Gorgeous mittens indeed!!

Good goin', Margene!

You can do it, you can do it, you will win!!! You can't let two little sticks and a little bit of yarn get the best of you! I'm betting the farm on you, Margene...please don't let me lose my happy home! :)

Yay! You go!

Your monogamy is encouraging my polygamy, though... Now I want mittens just like that, even though I have umpty-zillion WIPs already going.
Gorgeous yarn for a gorgeous mitten. Enjoy both the process and the product.

Ooh! Fun knit!

bobbles are such happy little stitches. Let's all add a few to our diet ;-)

Beautiful red mittens! I hope yours are done soon.

What a great incentive! It seems like you will be far more motivated making mittens in cold weather than next summer:)

You can do it, Margene, just one step at a time. I love knitting mittens--each row goes by quickly and you can really see the progress which is always motivating. Good luck!

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