Quite Suddenly...
Mitten Crazed

A Postcard

Hello from sunny, beautiful Utah! (Yes, it is "my mountain" yet again.) Sunday was the most incredible day.


Millie and I decided to pop in and say "Hello! Wish you were here!" (cluck!)


The other chickengrrls were busy having a feeding frenzy over a baguette. 


"How silly of them", thought Millie, (but then she had all the lettuce to herself).


You and Millie look very happy to be in the sunshine!

You really got my Monday off to a great start with those wonderful photos! I love the chickengrrls -- and especially Millie. What a healthy eater! :-)

So pretty!! Great pic of you and Millie. She is most definitely your girl;-D Stay warm and enjoy the sunshine while you have it!!!!

Seems you and Millie have become fast friends. Love that photo of you both!

Ah, sunshine and mountains!

Perfect! Looks like that Utah sky wants you to remember that spring is on the way...

I'm not sure which I like best - the adorable chickengrrls or your lovely smile. :)

Awesome pic of you and Millie! (and the beautiful mountain) My postcard will be very frozen today.

My chickens have been known to get into fist fights over bread...

What a wonderful picture of you and Millie - you both look so happy and healthy! :-)

Ok, I have a stupid question. How can you tell Millie from the other chickens?

Wonderful! Farming suits you. ;)

I have to admit that Millie is pretty cute.

Great photos!

I love the chickengrrls. They look like fun.

It's great to see you looking so healthy and pretty ;-) and the chicks sure are happy girls.

Hai! How lovely!

Oh, that is so cute! I second Ann's Q -- how do you know which one is Millie? Does she have some defining (visible) characteristics that aren't immediately apparent from this distance, or is it the way she behaves?

Sunshine in January is a blessing.

What a terrific photo of you and Millie!

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