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Survival (Part 2)

A Beautiful End

Thank you, dear blog readers, for your warm and heartfelt wishes as we step into 2011.  The end of 2010 was a little hard to swallow as so much of my knitting time went "bad".  What can you do about knitting that doesn't want to cooperate, live up to it's "good" name, or give back the time and effort you put into it?  You can't do anything! Except, perhaps, remember the good knitting, the beautiful knitting, the rewarding knitting, and the knitting that made you smile from ear to ear!

The last project I finished in 2010 made me feel as if I could fly.

Susan's Fog Lifter was the bright spot in my last few months of knitting.  Fog Lifter, named for the fog it helped to lift after my surgery, also lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. Two balls of beautifully dyed wool (400 yds each) from Plain and Fancy Sheep & Wool Co. (no web address), made a generously sized wrap, a  warm and cozy wrap. (Here is a link to the Fog Lifter Susan knit for my birthday and it is an oft worn shawl.)


The rhythm of the stitch pattern was easy to get into, and yet, it was interesting enough to keep me on my toes. The crochet bind off was new to me and it was a fun technique to learn and add to my knitting repertoire.  This shawl was so much fun to know you want to knit one, too!!


Fog Lifter: Raveled Here


Isn't it a great pattern? Yours is beautiful in that color and that yarn! You do look like a magnificent bird.

It's wonderful, Margene. The colors are perfect for you and it looks so warm and cozy.

What a beautiful shawl! I love the shape and drape of it -- and your color/yarn selection is perfect. Very upLIFTing . . . all the way around!

Perfect yarn, color and pattern! Look at you-ready to take flight into 2011. Love it!

It turned out beautifully, didn't it? It makes me warm just looking at it.

I love your Fog Lifter - just right. I hope it helps with that nasty inversion, too - I worry about you!

Fantastic! Another triumph in matching color with pattern. Definitely knit to lift any fog!


It's lovely, and a really nice size. It also just happens to look particularly good on a certain person.

Great Shawl...and.....Great Hair!!!!! Loved the curve to both! (Got to cheer for a girl with hair as straight as mine. And my haircuts in the past 4 months have been as difficult as some of your knitting projects - UGH!)

Another gorgeous shawl!! :)

That really is an eyecatching shawl both in design and color. Long may it keep you warm and lift your spirits.

It's absolutely beautiful, and I love the symbolism behind the name!

It's lovely, Margene -- the colors are wonderful, up-lifting!


Oh, and the shawl is nice too.

Such a beautiful way to wrap up in comfort!



OK, confess. Are you hiding a chicken under your shawl in the second photo?

Yes, I realize you are just holding it out for inspection, but at first glance it looked like there was something under there....

Lovely shawl! On my I-will-get-to-this-one-this-year list.

It's beautiful and looks great on you.

Lovely, lovely fog lifter there and it looks beyond lovely on you.

It looks lovely. Now I may have to make one too. When I can find my yarn again. It's amazing the twists and turns life throws at us. I wish you a happy and peaceful new year.

I do want one now, I do, I do...
Yours is luscious!

That is very beautiful, and you look great in it.

Great pattern, great shawl. A fog lifter is exactly what we need here in SLC.

I'm playing blog catchup and what a delight it was to see this beautiful shawl! Margene you look absolutely lovely in it!!

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