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What's With the Fancy Hats!

The Santa's seem to be trying to out do each other with their fancy hats (and beards!)  This Santa not only has a Christmas tree on his hat, each section was created with a technique call "laid filling".  It's very likely you'll have no idea what that is, but isn't his hat rather charming in color and pattern?   His very curly beard is full of French knots stitched with a sparkling ribbon thread. He's quite well decked out and ready for Holiday Cheer!!


(Can you believe there are still more Santa's to come? I was a very prolific stitcher in the 1990s.  Today I am a knitter and spinner, but maybe someday I'll stitch another Santa, or two. I've enjoy this parade, too!)


WOW!! You are amazing! What a talent...I am in awe of your ability with one needle and two!

This parade has been wonderful! How long would something like this Santa take to stitch?

Your stitched Santas are inspiring! Makes me want to try one, too. I love the cozy, quilted look of this Santa's hat!

I too am loving the Santa parade! Love his hat and beard.

I love this beard! I wish I could have one of those,,, hehehee

Gorgeous Santa!!!! can't wait to see more!

I swear, each Santa is fancier than the last one!

I am really enjoying the parade of Santas. I think that each one is my new favorite.

He's beautiful!

You must enjoy getting them out every year, remembering sitting with friends or alone, making each stitch by stitch.

Now he is just sweet! And you are inspirational.

A pink Santa! He is very elegant, and I remember enough about stitchery to really appreciate the work involved in this complex Santa.

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