The Nutty Guys

Tutti Fruiti!!

This fruity Santa is stitched with silk, rayon and metallic threads, which sparkle nicely in a softly lit room.  Many of my Santas stand up, some are pillows, others are kissing balls, and the rest are hanging ornaments.  This little guy stands about 5" and he's one of my favorites.

Smith was able to open the coop and clear part of the yard of snow.  He sprinkled shavings, a pieces of bread, over the frozen ground to entice the chickengrrls out. They're very happy to be in the open air again.  Thank goodness for warming trends!

If you'd like to see true knitted art please stop by Vicki's blog.  Her latest project is inspiring, as is her photography.


This Santa's chubby cheeks and rosy nose are so cute.

He is lovely! (I hope Santa isn't insulted with an adjective like that.)

Tutti Frutti indeed! Totally love him!

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