The Nutty Guys

Tutti Fruiti!!

This fruity Santa is stitched with silk, rayon and metallic threads, which sparkle nicely in a softly lit room.  Many of my Santas stand up, some are pillows, others are kissing balls, and the rest are hanging ornaments.  This little guy stands about 5" and he's one of my favorites.

Smith was able to open the coop and clear part of the yard of snow.  He sprinkled shavings, a pieces of bread, over the frozen ground to entice the chickengrrls out. They're very happy to be in the open air again.  Thank goodness for warming trends!

If you'd like to see true knitted art please stop by Vicki's blog.  Her latest project is inspiring, as is her photography.


He's the Carmen Miranda of Santas! Love him!

How cute is he! Can't wait to see his helpers!



I particularly like his mustache's texture. What a cheery fellow! You and Smith do right by your grrls - I bet they will reward you for the kindness. Happy day!

What beautiful workmanship. Having been a needlepointer myself, I truly appreciate the beauty of this little guy!!!

So colorful and cheering!

Oooh, fun! Your parade of ornaments just might help get me in the mood this year.

And thank you. ; )

Your santa is awfully sweet!

Santa is wonderful!

so adorable!
here's another blog for ya:

Cute ornament although I now have the song "Tutti Fruiti" stuck in my head!

I love your Santa.... looking forward to tomorrow's viewing.

Strangely, I find myself craving fruit salad...

Margene, that is so cute!

Does it go on the tree, or on the mantel or something?

I did needlepoint for years...your workmanship is beautiful (as usual!) and Santa looks very regal! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

Love it!

totally cute, and I don't often think that re: most holiday stuff!

LOVE your little Santa! And am looking forward to seeing the rest of your little treasures. Sort of like an Advent Calendar for us!
And Vicki's Afghan is really gorgeous! Thank you for the link.

He's wonderful!

That Santa is so cute! I bet he makes you smile every time you look at him.

Love the fruity Santa! He's so "Carmen Miranda"!

So cute!

Soo cute! I will have to post a photo of the one you sent me once I dig out the Christmas decorations next week. Your stitch work is so amazing:)

That's glorious! But I think something might have got last in the translation (I speak mostly UK english, sorry!) - kissing balls?! I have no idea, as a noun, what that means. (As a verb, it made my eyebrows go Right Up and I had to go back and check I'd read what I thought I had. Twice.)

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