Green, Yes Green
Peaceful Sunrise


I think this one may be my favorite so far!

I love all your ornaments! They're so much fun to see.

What a great collection of ornaments you have. I've been enjoying seeing each of them and I'm so impressed with your skills. Lovely work.

So dear. More counted cross stitch? You are so versatile!!!!

oh my, I love this one~!

Thanks, just what I need.

Oh, the moon shape is very cool.

Very fun. I'd love to take his advice today!


Well, since Santa insists...zzz...zzz...zzz...


Great advice.

Perfect! Excellent reminder for this particular weekend!

Love the bendy Christmas tree. :-)

I think I need this Santa in my house to remind me of that tip. :-)

I think I love this one most of all. :-)

Awwh, he's precious... love the tilting tree! This has been such great fun that I will be sorry to see it all end in a few days. Happy Winter Solstice to you and Smith.

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