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Skater Dude

Mister Skater Santa is one of my favorites.   He was so much fun to create and there are many good memories attached to his happy face.

There is so much to see on this Santa, from the heart in his beard, the ribbon on his cap, to the multi-colored holly and berries.

Skaterdude He stands about 6"

The tree lights were created with tiny bits of gold metal, cut to size and stitched in place. Knots were stitched between the branches to create definition and the illusion of snow, and the top is adorned with a star shaped charm.

I had the most fun stitching the skate, and the poinsettia that sits atop. Cut pieces of gold bullion fill the skate, as ribbons of gold torsade curl around it. The white lines were invisibly couched into place and a snowflake charm adorns the cuff. Smyrna stitches and gold braid create the texture of the blade.  (If you haven't already please click the picture for an up close view.)

The technique for the poinsettia leaves is called needle-weaving, which is rather fun to do, as a weft of long stitches is woven together by weaving over and under each strand. A long piece of gold bullion is stitched between each petal to add just that touch of glitz.

The charming cardinals set off the glorious opulence of Mister Skater Santa.  You can see why he is a favorite.


There IS so much to see on this Santa! I missed the second cardinal sitting on the skate blade until I read "charming cardinals" plural. They ARE charming, and I think my favorite part of this lovely piece.

This may be the most elaborate of them all! I love the cardinals, and the poinsettia, and of course Santa is mighty handsome too.

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