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Skater Dude

Mister Skater Santa is one of my favorites.   He was so much fun to create and there are many good memories attached to his happy face.

There is so much to see on this Santa, from the heart in his beard, the ribbon on his cap, to the multi-colored holly and berries.

Skaterdude He stands about 6"

The tree lights were created with tiny bits of gold metal, cut to size and stitched in place. Knots were stitched between the branches to create definition and the illusion of snow, and the top is adorned with a star shaped charm.

I had the most fun stitching the skate, and the poinsettia that sits atop. Cut pieces of gold bullion fill the skate, as ribbons of gold torsade curl around it. The white lines were invisibly couched into place and a snowflake charm adorns the cuff. Smyrna stitches and gold braid create the texture of the blade.  (If you haven't already please click the picture for an up close view.)

The technique for the poinsettia leaves is called needle-weaving, which is rather fun to do, as a weft of long stitches is woven together by weaving over and under each strand. A long piece of gold bullion is stitched between each petal to add just that touch of glitz.

The charming cardinals set off the glorious opulence of Mister Skater Santa.  You can see why he is a favorite.


Absolutely beautiful! Too difficult to pick a favourite from the line up so far! Am so enjoying each and every one! Thanks for sharing Margene...I love sitting with a cup of tea and calmly reading each new post during this 'crazy' time of year!

Wish I was calmly reading this with a cup of tea, like the previous commenter. But for me it is more like racing through it in the middle of work. I nevertheless enjoyed this santa. My favourite part is the bow, which gleams like silk with its many hues of blue.

That one is gorgeous! I love the addition of the cardinals.

It's wonderful, Margene! My favorite part? The poinsettia!

That is a seriously impressive piece of stitching. Thanks for sharing the details of the stitches; that was fascinating.

Love the tree, presents and the stitching on the skate! The weaving sts are very cool.

Such a symphony of color and textures. He is wonderful, dearheart. You have a gift for the needles, no matter the size or shape.

He is wonderful. The close up really made him come alive. It been years since I picked up a needle small enough to create something so lovely. You've got me wondering if I need to balance a little of my old cross stitching hobby with knitting!

The judges would give your skater Santa a perfect score!

He's a beauty, all right. I appreciate the stitching rundown too. I haven't ever done needlepoint, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen any as lovely as yours.

Well, that is just fabulous! I'm starting to feel the itch to stitch!
; )

I do not know how you can pick a favorite! I've loved EVERY ONE of the santas you've shown us this season!!

Cute birdies!

Your work is is absolutely beautiful! Where did you learn to do all this beautiful stitching? It is stunning!

I'm loving these posts! Your choice of stitches is truly inspired and your stitching is beautifully done.

Pretty! I love the poinsettia.

I love the cardinals!

I think he's my favorite so far...... or maybe it's because there is so much intricate detail in it. Whatever. It is gorgeous!

Another gorgeous fellow!
If I take up needlepoint again, it's going to be all your fault...

And the presents are so beautiful, too!

I'm with Gayle, and if I do, I think I'll have to come take some of your classes!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Lovin' the needepoint show!

How lovely!

Beautiful!!! I love the cardinal.

I love all the depth and detail and glitz that is glamorous.


He is lovely - and I also enjoyed your descriptions of how you created him. :-)

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