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The minute I saw this Chinese Sage Santa as a plain needlepoint canvas I knew he needed to be brought to life with thread and stitches.  There are some canvases that speak the minute I see them and the ideas just flow. From the first I knew the stitches needed to give dimension, so I used Turkey work on the brim of his hat to make it look like fur.  The red tassel dangling from the side is made with metallic thread and it also comes out of the canvas.  His beard is stitched in long stitches with thread of wool and silk and I can almost see him reaching up to stroke it.

He sits near my little teapot collection and invites me to sit and sip a cup of oolong tea. Would you like to join us?


Ohhh! You know I would LOVE to join you both for a cup of oolong! What a delightful Santa -- and so perfect with your teapot!

I sure would! I love the "fur" on his hat. Have a great day, Margene!

that santa is fantastic!

Coming over to see what Santa you're highlighting next has been such a bright spot this week! This one is WONDERFUL.

Me three! Love the bead "feet" keeping him upright. Great Santa.

Oh, I sure would! You are definitely giving me the urge to do needlepoint again (which is definitely NOT good for my knitting stash). ;-)

Definitely! Save a cuppa for me!

You do realize how dangerous your needlepoint posts have been on those of us who are easily impressionable? I'm half ready to drive to KC to the nearest needlepoint store to get started!

I am on my way! :)

I would love to join you, dear friend.

You betcha!

I love the plant.

I do wish I could! This adds a certain flavor to your holiday collection:)

I really wish I could. Then I could feel that lovely "fur" on the hat.

Oh yes, some tea, please!

He is very cool!

I so wish I were closer to you, I'd definitely join you with a sip or two.


I just love all your needlepoint pieces. The special stitches add SO much dimension!! I used to do a lot of needlepoint, and looking at your work, my fingers are starting to itch ... I might have to get back to it.

It's a masterpiece!

I would be honored to join you.


He is wonderful! I would love to.


I love the dimension you put into your stitch selections. Your ornaments and stockings are really making my day each time you post one!

Oh yes I would!

Count me in. (You've got one big tea party here, now...)
Love the santa!

You do the most beautiful handwork, Margene. And your choices in pieces are always impeccable. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, and I hope your holiday season is non-stressful and joyful.

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