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Christmas has often been synonymous with excess but, as most of us know, it doesn't need to be. That isn't to say there can't be excess of joy (along with, perhaps, glitz and lights?).

Anyway, this little stocking, which I stitched for myself, has just the right amount of everything. Each dome was created with a different stitch, as was each section of his fancy cap.  His wonderful mustache was stitched with an excessive number of bullions, which made it more joyfully full and plump. A Santa must be full and plump, methinks.

(The needlepoint was planned, all the threads and stitches, by me, but all the finishing was professionally done.)


LOVELY!..You're such a talented Gal!!!

That is, I think, my favourite Santa so far! I love the abundance of colour and texture, and the whole thing has a sense of movement and energy which I don't often associate with needlepoint!

Thanks for your explanation of kissing balls, too. I've really never heard of them before, but it makes a lot more sense than anything I'd come up with... ;)

My favorite (so far...)! I love the mix of color and texture. Just lovely.

That's gorgeous! And so exotic!

This one has a Russian feel to it and may be my favorite so far.

That, my dear, is a feast for the eyes!

There is so much to discover on this one: all the different stitches, of course, and the silvery full moon, the tree silhouettes in the distance, the pale blue snowflakes on the white ground. Lovely.

What a regal Christmas Elf!

I love the opulence and the rich color scheme- the piece is so evocative of the east - no "red and green" in sight and still so successful. I too think it is my favorite so far.

Oh Margene! I am enjoying your needlepoint pieces so much. They are beautiful!

I particularly like this one!
Hope things go well today!

Oh Margene....I LOVE this one!

Love the domes and the swirly beard!

So beautiful! I love the colors, but the textures even more!!

I'm really enjoying your parade of needlepoint!
I did needlepoint and cross-stitch way back in the Long Ago, and still have a ton of materials stashed somewhere in my sewing room. I may yet dig them out some day...

You have serious needlework skillz, don't you?! Wow.

That is exquisite! I am so glad you are sharing these with us. I can't wait to see the next thing each day.

WOW! is all I can say! Love it!

Oh, now I have a new favorite!

Thank you so much for sharing your holiday needlepoint!! You do beautiful work! Wish I lived closer because I'll bet that your classes are fun also! Thanks for the descriptions and great photos. I'll try, therefore, to go gently when I bop you for getting my needlepoint "jones" going again!LOL!!! Bad girl!!! Too much yarn to not keep knitting!!!!
Hugs! Susan

Love the texture on this one!

I'm such a sucker for onion domes. It's beautiful, Margene!

What a beautiful stocking! I LOVE it!

This regal Santa looks as if he just stepped out of the movie set of Dr. Zhivago with Omar Sharif...two equally handsome men!
As always, your work is perfection!

I'm loving this little advent(ure) of yours!

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