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Jerusalem stocking

Posting this weekend will be simply of an ornament with a few words of discription.

The stocking is stitched with wool, cotton and a metallic ribbon. There are a few odds and ends stockings I stitched for no real reason other than my friends were doing the same thing. Comradery is important, but so is self. Eventually, I learned to follow my own drum and create my own style of ornament.


Aw...I like the little fuzzy camel hump. LOL!

I like the symbolism and the simplicity of it.

Still, I agree with Carole. The simplicity makes it charming and beautiful.


Um... that would be the ol' process kickin' in, right!? It's not only a process of doing, it's a process of learning WHAT to do... and why.
; )

Happy weekend, Margene!

I love the colors!

Oh my, that stocking is beautiful!! What kind of needlework is is? It looks like crewel but I'm not sure. Anyhow, it's really lovely!

Did you get hit with this blizzard that's hitting us now?!

I see what you mean about it not being your personal style, but the camel is VERY cute with his sweetly curved front leg.

Just lovely.

Very simple and seasonal. I really appreciated Vicki's comment above as well!

Oh, how sweet!

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