Tutti Fruiti!!
Tiny and Knotty

The Nutty Guys


Many of the designs for the ornaments I've stitched were painted by the same designer.  My role was to pick threads and stitches that brought the figures to life.  Pictures can't show the sparkle or contrast of the stitches very well, but hopefully, you can see the patterns and textures.  Stitching the faces, the costumes, picking threads, defining shape and texture gave me hours and hours of pleasure. 

The reason I stitched the Nutty Guys was to give Smith something he never had...a stocking of his own!  The nutcrackers were fun to do and I used a wide variety of threads and stitches.  The stocking is 12" high, quite small by most standards, but our stockings are decorative only.

There are many reasons I gave up needlepoint, but a few canvases are still tucked away in my closet, as are many of the threads.  The intention is to some day stitch a few more.


You are re-awakening a love for needlepoint in me. I did several pieces in college/med school, but haven't touched in in years.

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