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The Nutty Guys


Many of the designs for the ornaments I've stitched were painted by the same designer.  My role was to pick threads and stitches that brought the figures to life.  Pictures can't show the sparkle or contrast of the stitches very well, but hopefully, you can see the patterns and textures.  Stitching the faces, the costumes, picking threads, defining shape and texture gave me hours and hours of pleasure. 

The reason I stitched the Nutty Guys was to give Smith something he never had...a stocking of his own!  The nutcrackers were fun to do and I used a wide variety of threads and stitches.  The stocking is 12" high, quite small by most standards, but our stockings are decorative only.

There are many reasons I gave up needlepoint, but a few canvases are still tucked away in my closet, as are many of the threads.  The intention is to some day stitch a few more.


Painting with texture. I love it. I did needlepoint many years ago but wish I had seen back then what can be done with it. Thanks for sharing.

That's an awesome stocking! And I love that you called them the Nutty Guys! Have a great weekend, Margene.

I too began my fiber addiction with needlepoint, and have a more modest, but still beloved collection of Santas. I knit much more these days,and would be interested in knowing why you gave up needlepoint, if you would be comfortable sharing that. I appreciate what you share and that you post so regularly.

I just bought an ornament (needlepoint) to stitch. It's a Picasso and I'm enthralled, but yet to start. Too tired and when I'm not, I'm knitting;-P

I love how much color there are in the projects you've shared so far.

Beautiful! I never did needlepoint, but counted cross-stitch hooked me... I made stockings for my kids, my husband, myself, my niece, and two nephews! (Wow.) By the time Mack & Addy came along, I hadn't made an X on fabric in quite some time, so theirs are knitted! I still have a few unfinished (and unstarted) projects tucked away, too. I fear I'll need a magnifier in order to do it again.

What a gorgeous stocking! I also started my crafting addiction with needlepoint and now I just knit, knit, knit!

Love your nickname for them! Hee.

Really like the unusual combination of stitches.

That's a great stocking! I'll bet he loves it. :)

Love nutcrackers! Yours are lovely and well-done. I did a couple 20+ years ago and had them framed; hang them up in place of the schoolhouse clock every year. (I entered them in a craft show once. They won a prize... for the framing. As well they should; I was never as good as needlepoint as you are.)

what a gorgeous stocking.

I am so enjoying these posts. I have seen many of these lovely works over the years and it makes me happy to see them again.

What beautiful stitch work you do! When my kids were little I spent a lot of time stitching, but nothing quite as pretty as yours!

Just beautiful Margene! I am enjoying your advent display immensely. Thank you!

That's wonderful! I have a soft spot for Nutcrackers having seen the ballet a few times in my youth.

Margene - Your Santas are so exquisite ... Thank you for sharing them with us. Really, you should make Christmas cards from the photos! Kind regards - Lynn ( a long-time fan of your Zeneedle blog)

The shop that I took my Crewel lessons was mainly a needlepoint shop. I fell in love with it all. I had no idea it could be so wonderful, only having seen the plastic canvas junk that is mass marketed! What an art form! And the WOOL choices! I nearly swooned.
But, I'm going to be honest here, the price drove me away from it. A lot of the canvases were a couple of hundred dollars, before wool choices! Yipes!
LOVE LOVE your stocking. Nutty guys for a nutty guy, huh?

They're lovely!

Very colorful, so cute!


Artfully stitched. You have such a talent for color and texture.

Love the nutty guys! And how different they are from one another. Great color choices.

Very nice!

And I'm very tempted right now by needlework...perhaps I should just give it a go.

I really love when you share your needlepoint. The colors and textures are wonderful. You are so talented in so many ways.

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