Let it Snow!
Skater Dude

Howdy Pardner

Ol' Santa Sheriff Seth wants to remind ya to take a little time out of yer day to take a load off. Take yer boots off and wiggle yer toes, sip a little whiskey er, hot cocoa and have one o' the cookies ya been bakin' fer ever'one else. Christmas is gunna come whether ever'thin' is ready or no. Ya might as well enjoy it, pardner.



I like the way he thinks.

I love his hat!

Adorable! Pardner!

Yee haw!

Damn straight!

He's a wise Santa, that one. Might as well enjoy it!

Hear and obey! :)

Mighty purty. A little comic relief among all your beautiful dignified Santas.

OMG! He's adorable. Oh, and his advice? Taken;-P

Surely it's noon somewhere?

I think he's my favorite!

I am really enjoying looking at these, Margene. Love the hair on this one!

Love the hat - and the hair!

Well Howdy, Sheriff Santa! You are shure a purdy fellar.

Hee! I'll stick with the whiskey, pardner!

MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD. Sooooo cute. Even when we are unloading our CRAP, there are some things -- like this wonderful collection you've been showcasing in the advent -- that should never be parted with.

Now I'm gon' jes' get outta Dodge, pardner!

He's so cute! And totally perfect for life in the West.

Very cute!

Makes me want to take up the needle again. Alas, knitting is top dog. Wait, no alas. I love to knit.

Hee Hee! He's very unique, and I love his hair and beard!

Yes, sir, sheriff, sir! Thank y'kindly for the advice, and might I add you are a handsome ol' critter!

Haha! Oh, that's so fun!

This one makes me laugh! The hat is so funny! He kind looks like a hippy! LOL.

He is awesome! Your stitches and thread choices give him so much personality.

OMgosh - Willie Nelson Santa!!!

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