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The advent of inversion season has been early this year, as the dreaded inversion tried to camp out in our lovely valley last Sunday. It took hold within a couple of hours of this photo, creating unhealthy air and dense fog. As luck would have it, a storm was on the doorstep and it stirred the air, broke up the worst of it, and blew it away. The last couple of days we've seen some sun, filtered at times, but the air is not as unhealthy as it was. You have no idea how thankful I am.

The little stocking may seem familiar as I shared a little roundel of the same design, last Sunday. If our condo association didn't have such strict rules, I'd have a red front door, too.


Oooh!! I LOVE red doors...what a shame you can't have a real one! Love the one on your stocking! As well as that beautiful blue sky!

I'm glad the dreaded inversion didn't stick around too long, it's too early for you to have to put up with that! Adorable stocking! I grew up in a house with a red door.

So glad the inversion has left town! Here's hoping they continue to blow out fast all season long. I love your charming stocking. (I do have a red door. . . and I love it!)

Thank goodness for storms and sending the inversion on its way for daring to show up early. Fingers crossed you'll have clear skies for the remainder of the month.

That's a shame you can't have a red door. Right now, mine is a deep blue/gray. It has been red, yellow, fuchsia and white. I'm so sorry you can't paint your front door red. Love the stocking and the mountain view is crisp and clean.

Oh, I can guess how thankful you are! We get inversions sometimes. UGH. :(

Maybe you can get your condo association to change the rules. There might be others who are secretly yearning for a red door...

Red doors always remind me of the house my aunt and uncle built and the quilted piece my mom made to commemorate it. She used ecru colored fabric and black stitching to recreate the blueprints of the house but she stitched the door in red.

It could be red on the inside!

I'm so glad the air is better now. Winter is hard enough. You don't need crappy air making everything harder.

Lovely little stocking.

It surely can be beautiful there!

Inversions are nasty and no fun! I'm glad you got some reprieve from it!

I have been enjoying the needleepoint you have been sharing with us. Your work is truly exceptional! Like some other commenters I used to do a lot of that too. Notice we all say DID.

I love those stockings! I had big plans for making stockings this year, but I'll have to shoot for next year, I suppose!

Such nice work! I wish we had that sky, even for one half of one day in the past week.... lots of clouds and rain.

So glad the air has improved for you!


Wonderfully cheerful stocking!

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