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Howdy Pardner

Let it Snow!

Over the weekend the weather was beautiful, spring-like, sunny and warm, truly delightful.  A reprieve from winter weather isn't all that unusual, but it is usually short. It won't be long before snow will come again. (It could be snowing as you read this, but more likely it's rain.)


Friday's storm made skiers happy as it dumped quite a bit on the peaks, and if you look carefully, you'll see how very, very white the peak is. (This is not your usual view, it's the mountain to the right.)

Ssantapillowsnowmen The pillow is about 14" square
Because this Santa has a very warm cap, he is happy to play in the snow. Surrounding him are the silly, joyful snowmen who live for days of cold and snow. Many threads, in shades of white, create sparkling snow, and stitches create a different look for each snowman.  Santa's mustache is stitched in French Knots and the curl of his hair is made with bullion stitches.  The finisher did a magnificent job with the pillow by adding a thick ruched edge. 


Pretty embroidery! And that IS a lovely view!
Hi from boring flat Chicago....

It is wonderful to be able to look at your bright blue sky, after days and days and days of gray over here.
Love the snowmen.

Love the pillow! We've had no snow, which is truly fine with me but I wouldn't mind a tiny bit before Christmas. Maybe Sunday.

That pillow is gorgeous and represents a huge amount of work. Oh, and you did a great job on the mountain snow, too;-P

Thank you for the needlepoint advice! I'm already prepared for the expense - having worked for a time for a knitting/needlepoint shop that never really took off here in town. Unfortunately, the closest show is two hours away, but I think I'll look into a class this summer when I'm home visiting my parents.

We had a "Winter Wonderland" day yesterday - freezing rain followed by snow.
Yours is prettier...

Santa's cap matches the Utah sky! Lovely!

Beautiful sky and mountains! Hopefully we'll have snow for Christmas!

What a beautiful pillow. I love all the white stitching! Thank you for sharing your Utah sky. Blessedly we've had rain to wash away all the snow we got at Thanksgiving. Makes for easier driving!! I hope your sky winks at you often this season.

You make needlework look so interesting. I think the reason I had been previously not very interested in it is because it's usually flat-looking.

Bring on the SNOW!!!

I love that pillow. You really make me want to try needlepoint but I need another hobby like a hole in the head. I'm going to try to hold back and enjoy yours instead.

We've only had a dusting of snow here so far but it's bitter cold with a wicked wind that goes right through you.

We have spare snow - would you like some? ;)

You do gorgeous work!!

There's a big giant Pacific storm here in Oregon, with rain dumping out of the sky in copious amounts, so I'm sure more snow is headed your way soon. Enjoy the break in the weather!

I'm so glad you had a couple of sunny days. Is it snowing yet?

Gotta love snowpeople and how happy they are with the weather. I bet it IS snowing right now.

Beautiful view, beautiful pillow with the colors and textures!

Hope the weather you have today is right for you!


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