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Green, Yes Green

Sunday I tried on a green fleece top, a nice sharp green, the (only) green I like. The clerk took one look at me and said "You don't want that color, try the red." See!? Green doesn't like me, either. (I bought the red.)

This little stocking is one of the ornaments I stitched with a group of friends (along with the Holy Land stocking). We worked the same design and one person picked the colors and stitches.  We were learning this new craft and it was energizing to work together.

The copper metallic saved this one for me, as it comlements the green beautifully, and you might notice, this is one of the few ornaments I signed and dated. Was it really stitched 1988!? Oh my.


Really gorgeous!
I don't do green either..I dare say unless it's in socks..I own but one green item and it's pants ..but nothing near the face:)

It's beautiful and you are beautiful in red. We shall not speak of the passage of time!

You DO look fabulous in Red! I love this little stitery. So pretty!

And red is such a happy color. Green can be melancholy at times. The texture of this stocking is very interesting. Happy weekend, Margene!

I love the design of this little stocking! (And agree that the copper metallic perfectly sets off the rest of the piece!) I love green -- and I used to wear it all the time. Back before my hair turned white. Now it looks terrible on me . . . and I have turned to grey, purple, and red instead. :-)

Although it may be boring, I think we do gravitate towards colours which suit us.

Lovely one, even in green :)

Green or brown do not like me either!

I don't even know which colors don't like me.

I love your stitch-along keepsake. Learning together is fun!


I love the contrasting heel! It's nice that the salesperson actually offered an opinion, that's hard to come by!

At least, you know it doesn't suit you. ;^)

Lovely little stocking.

You do look great in red.

Love the diagonal texture on this one.

I only look good in certain greens - more the foresty types. :)

That's a lovely, unusual stocking!

That looks so modern and interesting. I really like it. And, of course red is your color!!!

Absolutely beautiful!

I love it! I happen to love green but it is certainly a tricky color. The shade has to be just right.

I have discovered I can do certain greens and certain reds, a lucky thing this time of the year. I am glad you used the green, just because it complements the copper so well. Wear what makes you look fab!

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