Vanity, Thy Name is Santa!
What's With the Fancy Hats!

Garden Dreaming


The return of the sun puts us in the gardening frame of mind!  Smith has started laying out the garden and making list of the seeds and plants we'll need.  We're foregoing rows this year (yes!) in order to create a more eclectic space. Planning, plotting and working together has made for a very exciting and enjoyable (non-fiber) project.

Mr. Garden Santa would like to share a couple of very important announcements.

The second issue of the Ennea Collective is now available and the patterns are fabulously unique.  Ennea has been just what I need to get my spin on. The wheels, Emmylou and Corrina, are now easily available (after the massive clean up of my fiber room) and to celebrate I've been spinning!  Details to come.  ( I've also been knitting, do not fret).

The second announcement is very important as this is the season of love, hope, and giving.   Squishy (aka Stacey) is doing all she can to raise funds for NMO.  The reason is a very sweet little boy, Collin, and he puts a face on this neurological disorder. If you let Stacey know you've donated she'll put your name in for one of the many beautifully blue prizes.

Happy Solstice!!


That Santa is a perfect reminder that the warmth will return. Happy Solstice, Margene!

That gardening Santa just warms my heart! Have fun planning your garden. It's such wonderful way to deal with the long, dark days of winter! Happy Solstice!

I love the bluebird in his cap. And, tomorrow the days start getting longer!!

This Santa is definitely my favorite! Love every single stitch!

Garden Santa is adorable! I love that bird nest...but then my family has a tradition with birds' nests at Christmas.

Happy Solstice Margene!
Ahh, good times planning out the upcoming garden,! especially for letting go of the rows and going for the eclectic :^)

My fav on this one is the orange tree. Cool!

I love all the different textures in this one. But the sunflower is my favorite part!

My favorite Santa so far!

Completely unique Santa concept!

Thank you Margene! He came off the ventilator!!!! I'm not very religious, but call it what you want... a Christmas miracle? Karma? The Universe feeling all the love and good intentions for this little boy. From multiple organ failure to awake and alert.

I swear, I've been crying for two weeks. From feeling my heart break for the family, the generosity of others and now wonderful progress. Buy stock in tissues. :D

I just love studying all the layers and details in these Santas you have been sharing.

Plotting, planning, spinning, and knitting? I think the beginning of the return of longer days arrived just in time for all you have going.


OK, now THIS is my favorite... I love all of the garden details and embellishments! I do miss gardening by this time of the year, though seed catalogs will be arriving soon. Tell Smith to look up 'keyhole' gardening, a permaculture technique for maximizing growing space that is far better than rows and very attractive too. While he is in a planning state of mind, he might want to consider building a herb spiral (also from permaculture) for the garden to share!

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