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Mr. Santa is quite a jolly fellow with his crinkly eyes, very pink cheeks and, bordering on red, nose.  His beard is full of tadpole knots and I'm rather wild about the pompom on his cap. He's quite a tiny guy at only 3".

The Santa collection has spent much of the last 10 years hidden away in a box.  I am surprised by their unique beauty and I wonder at my ability to create such interesting and clever figures.  However, the little treasures are not my future, nor do the fit the way we celebrate today. 

Instead of spending time, and money, running around buying gifts we practice "gift avoidance".  It's much more fun to spend time dining or visiting with friends and family, which has worked for several years, so we're sticking with it. 


The gift of time with you is far more valuable than any store bought present. Another awesome santa!

LOving this series! Life does change, needs change, and that is okay.

Your making a nice photographic record of your work that you can keep (in a space far smaller than a box) no matter what you do with your collection. I've never heard of "tadpole knots" -- such a wonderful texture!

I love this little guy. He's a beauty. But I'm going back to read up on gift avoidance. Sounds like a great plan.

It amazes me how tiny these Santas are. Love the tadpole knots and the texture it creates.

Our only treasure is time and love. Meanwhile, we can enjoy little treasures we've collected along the road -- then tuck them away when finished. Very fun to see your art!

Margene - I've been away for a few days and am just getting caught up with your blog again. Oh, my! Your hand-stitched treasures are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them.

He's a charmer.

The gift of time and time spent together is the best gift of all. I so wish my family understood that. I love your Santa. He's got the sweetest face.

He's lovely!

I love the beard.
And I'm all for that gift avoidance!

Aw, he looks a little sad to me. :(

Another beautiful Santa!!

He is cute, but he looks a little overwhelmed by all the holiday bother.

What an adorable Santa!

Thanks for the tip on Miss Minimalist! I've been enjoying her blog. It's even prompted me to start paring down. I managed to select 6 books to go. Only 6, but that was as I walked past the bookcase on my way out the door for work. Books, yarn & stationery are my downfalls.

These are all so cute. They must have been a lot of fun to make.

This series of needlework Santas is a wonderful gift to your readers! It just makes me happy to look at them, and to admire your skills.

We've also simplified considerably around the holidays, choosing to cook and walk and visit with friends, and it is so much lovelier. I put up a few decorations (have to give the Mark Twain bust his Santa hat), but most of them are just seasonal greens, pine cones, and berries.

Margene, your needlework is beautiful! I tried needlepoint once, declaring it boring. (obviously I didn't know what I was saying or doing at the time!) I really love Tiny and Knotty. Continue to share your talent with us, please? I look forward to it.

such a sweet fella he is..
gift avoidance sounds good, yet I think i'd have trouble not getting things for my daughters. :-S

I love him!

OH! This is my favorite. You have me wanting to pull out my needlepoint, I so wish I could take your class. Maybe after Christmas I'll start sending you pics of a canvas and we can chat through stitch selection.

I love this one too. I got so behind on my blog reading and now it's providing a real treat. I keep paging forward and finding one lovely example of your needlepoint after another. I really love the texture in the beard.

Love him!

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