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Despite the lack of content, knitting has continued and I can finally declare the back and front pieces of Henley complete!


This boring photo is of the neck shaping. A sleeve has now found it's way to the needle and I am hopeful it will grow quickly. Speed has eluded me, I diligently work on one (or two) projects, but time flies, and instead of a sweater a month, it takes four, or more.  It takes the time it takes and I do what I can do. At some point I will have a very lovely sweater to wear.


The parade of Santa ornaments continues with Copper Coil Santa. He is one of my favorites because of his fun, crazy beard, which was stitched by coiling yarn round and round and couching it in place. His coloring of copper and black give him a unique quality, but his smile, his beard and his and mustache decidedly say "Christmas!".


I love his swirly beard! The color of the sweater is wonderful.

I love the colors on this one. Very stylish.

Absolutely love that beard! The Henley looks terrific. I love your mix of pattern and yarn. It's going to be SO worth the wait!

Perfect marriage of colors and textures. Great beard!

You'll get there on the sweater - and it will be gorgeous when it is done! YUMMY!!

Wow. That shows some serious skill growth in your needlepoint, doesn't it? So lovely. And, your Henley? She will be lovely when it is her time.

I love non-traditional Santas!

You're really tempting me with all this needlepoint! I know I've got canvas and stuff buried somewhere in the sewing room...
Henley is going to be fabulous.

I LOVE his beard and the ribbon around the package.

home stretch now, margene. hurry up and finish that henley so we can see it!

Beautiful works of art, Margene. Peg

That is a fantastic Santa! I agree...the beard is wonderful. You are introducing me to a whole new world!

can't wait to see the Henley.
And just remember - speed is not the purpose of why we knit... in fact, I love the length of time it takes to make a large project like a full sweater, or the Swedish Heartwarmer shawl I made two years ago - and am often at a loss once they are finished ;-)
Knit on, my friend.

That Henley is going to be stunning. What a color. Your Santas are so lovely. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us.

adorable Santa beard!

No point in rushing things. Enjoy the knitting...slow and steady! Love all your Santas so far!!

Your sweater will be wonderful when it's done. Until then, enjoy the journey.

Your Santa is wonderful!

Love the beard! Great texture.

Another beautiful ornament! I love his beard.

Henley is going to be STUNNING when you're done with it.

Forget about time. Just look at that beautiful blue colour!

I love the beard! He has a very cozy look about him. You will so enjoy your warm, blue sweater that it is no matter how long it takes. I am also realizing that if I could manage to make one sweater a month, I would quickly run out of storage space and opportunity to wear my favorites often enough.

I just love the parade of your Santas, and seeing your skills over time.

A stitch at a time adds up to a sweater, right? My Salt Peanuts is like that, and I feel like I am in your company with your Henley, and that makes my day.


I love the swirly beard. Seeing your Santa collection is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

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