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This time of year we observe Hanukkah and Christmas, but without all crazy buying, partying, and gifting of the past.  Being more "minimalistic" about the holiday season has made December a happier, less frantic month, and that's the gift we give to ourselves, each other, and many friends who feel as we do.

While I've been working on decluttering my home and simplifying the way we live, my sister has been thinking along the same lines.  We talked about this on Thanksgiving Day and she introduced me to several bloggers who practice minimalism.  I've enjoyed reading  Three New Leaves  and Miss Minimalist. One blog leads to another, so enjoy the journey as you read.

Cleaning out the "new and improved" fiber room has only been a small part of my new journey. The goal is to live simply, maybe even without in some cases, and free up mental space, personal space, and simplify everything in my home. Now is a good time to make a resolution, a compact, to choose the minimalists lifestyle. There's a long way to go to make it happen. 

For years I've keep a box full of hand made, hand stitched Holiday decorations, all made by my own hand. They are mostly needlepoint Santas, as he has such a happy face, and I enjoyed playing with different stitches and threads.  Over the next 25 days, I'd like to share them with you one by one, my own advent.


Margene, I'm so looking forward to your advent postings! What a delightful way to celebrate December. I, too, am finding myself called by the minimalist song. I, too, have been trying to pare down and simplify, and plan to set that as a major life-goal for the coming year. I'm going to follow you on your journey!

A month ago my M-I-L put her condo up for sale. She told her kids and grandkids to go through and pick out what they wanted to empty the place out. Well, the condo sold way faster than anyone thought. Within two weeks. If you were to go down to her basement it was so clean. After we started going through the boxes and cleaning out over 900 books, it was a lot of work. So the three families that were involved in the clean out, we now have a new outlook to our homes, and that is to purge NOW!!! We do not want to burden our kids with our stuff. Some things are hard to give up like pictures, but if we don't know who they are our kids aren't going to know or care either.

I put out the Santa you sent me on Sunday and I thought of you and smiled. I will enjoy seeing the ones you kept!

I have so enjoyed reading your posts everyday in November and as a special bonus I will now look forward to your Advent posts. Thank you Margene!

Santa celebrations are a wonderful way to mark the season! Love seeing what you've done.

I agree on simplify. Amazing how much work it takes to reverse the nonsimplification.

How interesting that those of us in a certain age group have started to declutter and simplify. I, too, am decluttering a home of 32 years; and much to the dismay of my daughters-in-law, am passing the sons' childhood treasures to them; books to the library book sale; other items to thrift and consignment shops. This year I have a manageable size artificial tree with only the favorite ornaments collected over the years - both handmade and purchased. BTW - that wonderful snow you had earlier in the week showed up as rain - lots of rain and wind here in Northern Virginia this morning. Looking forward to seeing all your Santa ornaments!

Our forced summer remodel found me weeding through books, children's toys, and clothing. There is still more to do, but I've begun. I have not downsized the gifting, however. Maybe next year...

I've been thinking along those lines, too, but haven't quite gotten there yet. I'm of the age where acquisition has lost it's charm. I'm having trouble with the reducing part;-P I'm thrilled you are sharing your handmade holiday works with us. Did you make the sweater or the Santa in the pic???

What a great idea! Can't wait to see them, as I would guess they are all beautiful!

I am so looking forward to this!
; )

I quite agree that the whole month is more fun when we've identified and zero in on what is essential for our celebration.

I'm a little behind the curve on decluttering. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I, too, am trying to declutter our house. That said, it is very difficult to do when you have a husband that doesn't want to give up anything---he still has a pair of pants and belts from when he was in military school during his high school days---he's 78 years old!!!!!!! I am glad that I didn't throw out any of the girls old toys as I'm now recycling them with the grandchildren. They get so much pleasure out of playing with something their mommies played with at their age. I did tell the girls that I was downsizing on my gift giving this year. I usually go overboard with them and they don't need half the things I give them. It's just that I love to GIVE!!!! Good luck to everyone on their down-sizing. I'm looking forward to seeing your advent entries as I'm sure they will be beautiful!

Margene, one blog that I've been enjoying is Minimalist Knitter. Check it out at http://minimalistknitter.typepad.com/mk/

I started following Robyn when she did her 100 Hats project, and have just stayed around to see what she does next.

Yay for minimalism! I've decided to knit and spin entirely from the stash next year - I can't in good conscious buy any more yarn when all that I have sits unused!

I am totally in the mood for your Santas, as they have promised us quite some snow in the next 24 hours. Thanks for the blog links and your own progress with decluttering in every sense. Am working on it too.

I look forward to seeing your ornaments!

My mom always used to say "Less is more" and I agree with her & you!

I'm looking forward to your Advent calendar. And to your keeping me motivated to de-junk.

great! we celebrate Solstice and so focus on handmade,nature -inspired gift giving. this, of course, works out splendidly in our home :) happy everything!

Happy Hanukkah!

I really am looking forward to your ornament postings. We too are decluttering and simplifying. Part of my reason is just to keep my sanity, as my 25 year old is moving back home for a bit. I have already told him that he will have to put his furniture and much of his stuff in storage, as I don't want to have to live around it. But just making room for him and his dog requires some removal of our "stuff". I think it also has to do with the fact that my parents are down-sizing to a much smaller place in an assisted living community and I am going to have to help them with it. There are a few things that I want from them (some artwork for example) but for the most part I don't need anything and more importantly don't want anything. Our new rule is that if something comes into the house, some corresponding something must go out.

I've "decluttered" my entire adult life and love it! Every few weeks I go through my house with two large green trash bags...one for trash and one for donations. You would be amazed how quickly things accumulate!

Neither my husband or I are "savers" which makes life so much easier and neater! He does have his tools, and I have my fiber stash and cookbooks, but I'm always weeding out to keep things sane.

We're paring back on gift giving this year (we all have more than we could ever need) and are donating to charity and adopting families who can't have a holiday due to illness, job loss, etc. It feels good, and will give us more opportunities for our most cherished gift of all...the gift of time with family and friends.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas, Margene...from our house to yours ~I'm looking forward to your sharing beautiful hand stitched "Advent gifts" with us this year!

I almost forgot...I love your "Wild Woman"...can you please share the source?
Many thanks!!!

I wonder if you know how many times I've opened your blog and felt a sense of peace and serenity? Not for the first time, I wish we could sit and have a cup of tea together.

Looking forward to seeing your handmade Santas. :)

This will be so much fun.

I'm with you, and I'm working hard on decluttering. It is truly hard with David hanging on so HARD to the CRAP. But he at least agrees with me (mostly) on the no-gift (especially the no-decorating) holidays.

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