Wild Woman Rules

Mz Wild Woman has been watching over my Zen garden for many, many years and she cares not about weather conditions.  She dances through cold, heat, snow, rain and ice and could beat any competitor on DWTS.


However, (this photo was taken a day before 14" of snow fell) she was very pleased to don the beautiful, and warm, FoglifterRav_linkredyarnball.  She is a lovely model.

Knitting desire bounces back and forth between Foglifter and Henley, which means both show growth. Last night I finished the armceye shaping of Henley's front and hopes have soared for finishing the whole front this week. 

Foglifter may also be coming close to the finish line.  The question is, just how big do I want a warm and cozy shawl to be? It's hard to tell with her stuck on a needles, but I can hear Wild Woman now and she says make it BIG!


Wild Woman is wise. Nothing worse than a shawl that's not quite big enough. Heed her sage advice.

I just wanted to say how nice it is to have your blog to read each morning. As November comes to an end, I hope you'll still find time to share your beautiful mountains and chickens with us.
I've also been mining your reading list for Audible ideas--now that you've gotten me hooked on Tana French, I'm impatiently awaiting my next free download!

There's nothing like a big, cozy shawl. I agree with Wild Woman - make it big!

With all that snow ... I echo the "make it big" sentiment. I'm afraid you'll be needing it this season!

Wild woman is wise. It is a cozy, comfy shawl, and one you want to wrap yourself in. You know that. So does she.

I would listen to the Wild Woman. Plus, she has the neatest earrings!!!!

It looks like Wild Woman as the inside track on what you'll need this winter. I love your color choice (again). Happy day!

Oooh, yeah, nice and big and warm and cozy (can you tell that it's getting chillier in my neighborhood?)!

I've always loved Wild Woman! She looks a might bit happier with Foglifter stretched around her!

Plus, cute earring!

Big, bigger, biggest. With that snowfall, you're even wondering?

Yes....this shawl wants to be big!

I guess Wild Woman is now living in a snow cave?

I think you should err on the side of big with Fog Lifter. The garter stitch really springs back after blocking.

Foglifter matches your Friday sunrise. I want to knit a big foglifter, but am debating final size (I'd really like to finish off the yarn and have none left over). On the other hand, I don't want a blanket. Guess I'll wait and see what yours looks like when it's done. I haven't started mine, and can wait....

I agree with her. Bigger is better when you're trying to stay warm.

But did she get to wear Foglifter DURING the snow? ;)

Oh yeah, if you are going for the ultimate warm and cozy, it's got to be huge. Able to wrap around you easily, able to throw her over your legs or cuddle under her watching tv. Your dancer is right- go big!

Very nice!

Where did you find the little Rav Link symbol?

I still haven't knit a big enough warm and cozy shawl. I have one that comes close, but each time I've worn it I've wanted just a bit more.

Ha, ha... I think Wild Woman is correct... it feels like this will be a cold (and therefore long) winter. If switching between two lovely and enticing projects is what works for you, I say go for it!

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