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Twenty Things About Me(me)

To Start My Day


Warm clothes await as I stumble from my bed
The dark draws me out into the quiet of the day
Whether cloudy or clear the sky fills my soul
Once back inside a pot of hot tea and toast
The day begins


The warmth of the kitchen removes the chill of night
After dinner a glass of wine is sipped
My feet are up, knitting in hand
Soon I will toddle off to bed
The day ends


I love your day, Margene, and your reverence for it.

Beautifully said, Margene. Your attitude is inspirational.

You have written poetry today. Reading your entries is a wonderful way for me to start MY day! Thank you.

There is a beauty to the beginnings and endings of ones day. You are part of my beginnings along with a bowl of cereal and cup of hot coffee. :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

A lovely start and finish!

Beautiful - beginning to end! (My favorite part is your tumbler-of-wine! That's how I end my days, too. . .)

How wonderful!! I love this post!

I have been extremely busy for the past two weeks and you have helped me to stop and focus on what is really important. Thank-you!

Lovely scenes you draw!

I have been mentally remarking on the progress through the day lately -- coffee and internet, hours of varying busy-ness, relaxing in my recliner with my knitting, then a book and bed. You put it so well.

Very enjoyable, well said!

Oooh, the cold, dark mornings. You are a brave soul. I like to get up early and walk - on my treadmill! I'd like to know about your bagel, please.

You make it all sound so lovely.

That sounds like a lovely day to me, and the blue and orange are very pretty to look at, too.

Hmmmm....udi's bread yummy! I love their bagels! Awesome start to the day!

Sounds like a pretty perfect day, and evening, to me! I'm glad it is yours to enjoy.

Lots of blue in that post and it's not even it!

Lovely poetry.

Sounds simply lovely. The knitting is lovely. May your weekend be lovely, too!

What are you knitting? It looks very pretty.

I'm envious of your breakfast right now!

I'm gonna come and play at your house next weekend. sounds perfect to me.

Clearly, I've fallen behind here. Can't wait to see more of whatever that gorgeous blue knitting is in your pic. I don't even know what it is and I'm coveting it!

Beautiful words, Margene. So inspirational that I'm quite tempted to toddle off to bed, too. :-)

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