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By way of explanation, I'll say it's a crazy time of year in my office.  The task of daily post should not have been taken on, as I knew what was coming. Hopefully this week reach the apex and there will be fewer episodes of "I need this done now (please)".  *breathe*

Not much has been accomplished in the clean up of my fiber/junque room, as I spent the weekend under the weather.  My desire for a large dumpster has deepened (kidding) and the work will begin again.  Determination has grown with desire and there should be good progress in the coming days. The nice thing about cleaning up, it brings more treasures to light.

The bouquet of embroidered flowers is the main motif on a shawl I made for my mother some time in the early 1970s.  The flowers are bullion roses, the thread a Brazilian made rayon.  I pursued embroidery of this style, and taught it, until the mid 70s and never touch it again, which is often the way of my embroidery career(s). Once learn, I stopped stitching the particular technique altogether, and move onto something else. Knitting has stayed a constant in my life.

The supplies of past fancies have dwindle over the years, but what is left of the accoutrement, will be discarded (to good homes).  I'm glad to see it go, but I'll keep the finished projects as reminders of what I can do.


That's some beautiful embroidery there. I'm not surprised,though, as I've seen your work. I have a big tub of counted cross stitch supplies that I can't bear to part with. I haven't done that craft in about 12 years but still, I can't let it go. Good thing we've got a big garage!

Those flowers are beautiful! They certainly pop. I had to Google to see how it was done. :-)

You are a crafting visionary - knowing how to put color and texture together in just the right way. I hope work and health cooperate with you as you go into the weekend.

And, because each one carries memories, not to mention that shawl is gorgeous!!!! Take care and have a great weekend grrlfriend!!

Hopefully you're feeling better!

Hope things settle down for you quickly! The embroidery is absolutely lovely.

Very pretty!
It was so funny about that lady coming into the Jitterbug who asked about the supplies for Brazilian embroidery!

That is gorgeous, Margene! I haven't the patience for embroidery, though my grandmother put through all the paces of it during my teen years. To me it is a means to a particular end, but not an enjoyment. I'm in awe of the hours that must have taken. Your clean out of your room is fun for us. You get to share such lovely treasures! Thank you!

I fell in love with Brazilian embroidery in a local needlework shop and left with the books, the threads and a pattern. By the time I got home, love had turned to like, and the bag was put into the pile of, "like maybe I'll have time for this next week," where it languished. Thank you anonymous Ebay buyer for taking it off my hands about 10 years later.

Yours is lovely.

I fell hard for cross-stitch samplers and still have some supplies after gleaning a few years ago... it's probably time again. There are only one or two projects that I'd really like to finish (!), probably nothing that I'd really like to start. ; ) I like to do the finer work and my eyesight sure ain't what it used to be. I suppose I could get a magnifier... but NO! OMG. The general idea is to get rid of stuff, not to get more stuff!! Hahaha.

Beautiful work!!

That is just so very beautiful! I never learned to embroider but my Mom did a fair her mind, she still does and she speaks of getting it out on a daily basis when I'm with her knitting...She may do a stitch or 2 and says it bothers her eyes..but her fondness lies there with something she once did and enjoyed.
Nice memories~

That is stunning!

So beautiful! I think keeping the work and finding new homes for the supplies is a wonderful idea.

I've just bought a couple of cute books and some muslin to teach some embroidery to my daughter, who really wants to embellish her jeans. Wish me luck! Knitting and crochet have been a failure so far...

Lovely. And I'm with you on finding good homes for things whose times in our houses has past.

Oh Margene, that's just plain lovely - you did beautiful embroidery! (I do understand those fleeting passions...hmmm, kinda like some relationships - the flash-point flame burns brightly but dies quickly...the slow embers last a long long time)
Oh my where did that come from?

My craft room is full of the detritus of past hobbies. Don't want to give it all up yet, though - I really *might* get back to some of that stuff someday...
Love that shawl!

That's a beautiful piece of embroidery! Lately I've found myself slowly collecting embroidery books, although it's not something I've made time for yet.

Absolutely beautiful!! Iam from India and I do a bit of Brazilian embroidery.Unfortunately ,we do not get the supplies here in India and I get it shipped from U.S. Love the colors and your work :)

Hugs from India,

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