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Socktober is Over!

And I'm feeling over any need to knit socks. That isn't to say I'm not happy to add two more pair to my sock drawer.  The Monkey Sock misbehaved through the whole journey, but since they were finished Saturday night, I wore them all day Sunday. When I wear them I know they are silly socks, a good reminder to not take everything so seriously.  Rouge socks are fun and everyone needs a little crazy in their lives.


Sunday I worked and worked and knit and knit on the Mystery Sock and, at 8:56PM, I finished the second toe. That's late for me, dudes.  If there had been any way to take a decent picture at that hour the socks would have been posted on Monday.  As it was, and with a very big smile on my face, I went straight to bed.


The sock fits perfectly and I certainly like the SuibuiSock better than the Monkey yarn (Blue Moon), but I'm a little unsure of how it will wear. It is after all a soft merino. However, that might be why it feels so good on the feet. I'm not going to worry one little bit.


This week the weather has been, and will remain, nicely warm, which means I've left the socks least for the next few days. I'm ready when the cold weather comes, as you can tell. 


Lovely new socks! It's cold here this week and definitely sock weather. I finished my Mystery Socks on Sunday, too, and will blog about them tomorrow.

Definitely sock weather here, though still haven't finished Mystery Socks yet. Eek! Soon I hope.

They're both wonderful ... personally, I don't mind a little quiet rebellion in a sock. Gives them character.

They came out GREAT! That yummy rosey red/pink will be great when the snow starts for a little pick-me-up!

Pretty! You did it!

I really like the playful monkeys. TTL mystery socks look so pretty too. Send Mr. Mojo my way, will ya?

Those Mystery Socks are gorgeous!

Congrats on finishing up your socks! I have silly socks myself - wild colors I wear when I need a bit of a boost. It just makes good sense, and goes well with my mother's philosophy that one should always wear red when it rains.

I have one pair of ShiBui socks and have thrown them in the washer....not a good idea. They gradually shrink and felt!

Those are beautiful!

Mmmm. Nice finish. I agree on all your conclusions there...funky Monkey, nice Shibui, probably gentle wear on the latter.

Pretty! And your feet deserve a little pampering. I'm sure they're not happy with the idea of giving up sandals for the year.

Woo Hoo!

I knew you could do it.

Nice socks! My mystery socks are hibernating for now.

You totally rocked Socktober!

Very pretty socks!

Such Pretty Feet You Have!! Great Job as always..Sock knitting has fallen wayside for me..if I may be honest..I've still not finished sock #2 of Mystery Sock 2009..reason enough to not participate.

Your mystery socks are lovely. Better keep them for special occasions (e.g. curling up on the sofa) because of the soft yarn.

I like them both. The monkeys are kind of wild but the colors are nice. The Mystery socks look great. Great color choice. Looks very familiar.

Both socks look wonderful!

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