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Blog? I'd Rather be Knitting!


In honor of Ravelry's 1,000,000 member, my badge from the first Ravelry meet up (Rhinebeck 2008).  If you're a knitter and you're not a member of Ravelry, you are so behind the times.  The world was a very different place before their advent.


The garden is almost asleep, but we visit often to care for the chickengrrls and make sure they're well fed.  The ravonous hens love lettuce and beet greens, the last of our garden goodness, but they're very excited about stale bread.

Thank you for your many comments the past couple of weeks. I've enjoyed seeing what you have to say.  My weakness is keeping up with emails and commenting of my own, not to mention the craziness at work.  Please know how much I enjoy your visits.


I love seeing pictures of your chicken grrrls. I want to have chickens myself one day, though we are not zoned for them where we live currently.

Love the chickengrrls! I was really impressed by the million-members-on-Ravelry announcement. Wow! No wonder the knitting-queue-in-my-brain is longer by the minute. . .

I'm really proud to have been one of the original members of Ravelry. It wasn't much, back then, when only a handful of us were there, but it sure has grown into something wonderful.

The grrls will need you all winter long, so it will be an excuse to keep track of the garden throughout winter. Happy Monday!!!

Thankful for Ravelry and all the awesome friends that have come from there..some I've met 'for real'..and some are 'for real here'..
Love your Chicks!

What a thought, being excited by stale bread!

Some day I hope to make it to Rhinebeck. Happy Monday, Margene!

I hope the chickens are keeping warm!!

And I hope work gets less crazy for both of us.

Ravelry has 1,000,000 members! That is mind-boggling to me. And I'm still having trouble uploading my project pictures. Tsk, tsk, tsk! What a dodo.

Hope it settles down at work soon!

I would love to have chickens! Personally, while I'm happy for Ravelry's success, I'm kind of "over" it and don't spend much time there anymore. Different strokes.


Yes, Ravelry is a wonderful place. Not to worry about not keeping up with e-mails etc. Nobody's perfect and I know lots of bloggers who never react to comments. Love reading your blog anyway.

A neighbor of mine keeps chickens and says that they make great pets (with the side benefit of fresh eggs!). Her family loves them.

And all hail Ravelry! I hadn't been knitting all that long at its inception, but I remember those endless, frustrating Google searches trying to find more information on yarns, patterns, etc.

It's amazing, isn't it -- a MILLION knitters on-line. Crazy, in a wonderful way!!

I love reading your news about the chickens... I wish my local garden came equipped with some chickens.

On your last statement: Same here! Especially now, when I'm trying so desperately to catch up with everything. I'm doing some hoeing out of crap, and after I've done a good bit of that, I should be better and more on top of things! XOXO N

Love the suspended treat! Thanks for the chickenshot... are you looking into live webcam yet? JK

Thank you for sharing, Margene. You are a bright light in my life.


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