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Friendships are one of my dearest treasures. My family is spread far and wide, my husband is as supportive and caring as a spouse can be, but a grrl needs her friends and you know what I mean.

Without friendship, the last year would have been pure hell. Friends encouraged and sustained me, strengthen my resolve, and gave me a reason to go on (they still do).  Whether near or far, through phone calls, emails, texts or comments, I felt the love. I still do.

Friends and friendships bring hope and joy to life.

"My friends are my estate." - Emily Dickinson


Beautiful mosaic! Although, what's up with all the NORma photos? Sheesh. (just teashing you know). Anyway, I couldn't agree more and I am honored to be your friend. Truly, your friendship has been a wonderful gift to me.

Friends are Golden..and it's so refreshing to know how well they treated you when you were in need of extra care..that's 'real' friends~

And here's to you, my friend!

I love your posts! I love it that I actually recognize people in your lovely pictures, thanks to my visit to UT a year ago, and your welcome to me to your knit night for a couple of weeks! I love it that friendship can span the miles, thanks to technology. You're right in all you say. Thank you, Margene!

Beautiful mosaic!


So, so true. I am honored to count you among my friends. :)

So, so true. I am honored to count you among my friends. :)

Hannah made the blog! She'll be excited!

Look at all those smiling faces! Good friends are a wonderful thing.

Love you!!

"Who knows where God's glory begins and ends;
Mine was, I had such friends"


I recognize a lot of beautiful faces there!

Beautiful sentiment, beautiful smiles, and ... I see some awfully beautiful sweaters in there too!

What a great collage! Love ya!


You sow what you reap, dearest. You are simply the best. I am honored to count myself among your friends.

You said it perfectly!


There are indeed a lot of beautiful women in those photos! Those friends didn't just come to you by accident, girl, you are one in a million yourself!

Beautifuuly said, Margene. My friends are my lifelines, I understand exactly how you feel.

I am so fortunate to count you amongst mine.

Always you write so beautifully! Great mosaic!

Friendship is a powerful force! I am so lucky to count you among my friends! (((Hugs)))

It's true! Friends make it all worthwhile!!

HUGS to you - one of my bestest. :)

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