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Colors of Fall

The weather this week has been what one would expect in the blustery fall months. There has been a little warmth, but mostly it's been rain, snow and a mix of the two. When given a break by the weather I've walked about with camera in hand. The colors and textures of fall are everywhere and I think it's time to listen to the earth and find a new color to knit. (After all, I do have a gift card.)


The rusty and deep reds are so enticing!


Or maybe I should give a rich, multi-shaded green a try...


How about the browns, yellows and gold of fallen leaves? What a beautiful yarn that would make.

Several days ago, after Suzy and finished her latest sweater, we had an email conversation about what yarn and color she should use for her next project. We talked about red and orange, even green, and other beautiful shades of fall. Her final decision was the perfect color for this time of year, Glazed Carrots. I was quite envious.

So, off I go, my head full of fall color and texture, my heart full of hope and desire, to find the perfect yarn for the next sweater. (No, I do not really need another project but there is that gift card.)

What jumped off the wall, what color grabbed my attention (I admit to looking at it on-line while talking to Suzy), what color could I not put back and had to buy?


Blue. Azul Profundo to be exact. I may be in a rut, but I am one happy camper. I promise (myself and you), my next sweater, after this one, will be another color. Promise.


I think the blue bug left Laurie and headed west to you!

Beautiful pictures, Margene. I love the colors and textures of fall. As one who totally understands the "color-rut-syndrome" -- I say ride the rut! When you find a color inspiring, it's best to just go with it. Especially when it's such a lovely blue. . .

Another vote for blue here, but I must confess the other photographs inspired some thoughts of other colorways. I'm fond of browns and yellows, and greens, and blue. There's always blue.

Nothing wrong with more blue. Especially THAT shade of blue - gorgeous!

Knitting everything with blue yarn does not indicate you are blue of mood! Knit exactly what you want to knit. Enjoy.

Maybe if I knit something besides orange (not that there's anything wrong with that), you'll knit something besides blue (and there's certainly nothing wrong with that) ;) Azul Profundo is gorgeous!

Hunny. You can knit any old color you want. You wear the sweater, you choose the color. Besides, you are gorgeous in blue. Why fight it?

Wonderful blue. I am looking forward to seeing what pattern you will select to show it off! Enjoy!!!

We all have our favorite 'draws'..
'Blue is You'..and it looks smashing on you.
Enjoy the knit and wearing..
A Dear Knit Friend told me she thought ALL yarn should be blue..You 2 could be on to something:)

How could you resist that blue?! :)

Wait, what's wrong with being stuck in a color rut, again? :)

Your photos are beautiful. I dearly miss living in a place that has actual seasons. Can't wait to see what will happen with the yarn.

Whwnever I deviate from my color rut (also, blue!), I find I don't enjoy the color as much in the finished garment and therefore don't wear it as much. You're a wise woman, Margene, to listen to that little voice inside of you that continually whispers "blue, blue, blue!" I can't wait to see what you decide to knit with it! Have fun!

You can never have too many blue sweaters!

Knit what you love... in whatever color(s) you love!!

Whatever calls to you is the right one.

That is ONE GORGEOUS BLUE! At first I thought it was the exact same yarn I bought for making a scarf for Ally when I was at Purl in NYC, but it's not. Hmmmm, I keep wondering where Ally's scarf is.... I hope her dog didn't eat it or something!

Blue?! You?! It's like I don't know you at all! ;^)

Gorgeous color! And what, exactly, is wrong with blue? Life was created to enjoy. Just do it.

Laugh out loud. That was a great post. Beautiful pictures and lovely yarn.

I wanted to spin something fallish the other day, but had to laugh when I opened the fiber bin and saw all of that green. You just can't fight type sometimes!

There are advantages to ruts - everything mixes and matches! Plus, you should enjoy what your working with for so many hours.

I believe the yarn chooses us, calls to us, we just think we choose the yarn!In that case great choice Margene!! Can't wait to see what you make!

Gorgeous blue! I find it best to pick the color that sings to me when I am buying it...makes for a more beautiful project for me, both to work on and to wear!

Blue is my favorite color, and that one is a doozy. No complaining here!

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