My Mountain
Winter Arrived!

Who Needs Witches?

When you have friends who know how to cast a spell, there is no need for Witches.

Marijke cast a spell:

"Hocus, pocus, pilatus, pas, ik wou dat de tweede sok af was! (I am sending you a Dutch spell that should ensure that your 2nd sock will be finished in no time.)"

And the second sock (leg) WAS finished very quickly.

To insure the rest of my sock knitting would be pitfall free, spells were cast by Laurie,

"We cast our own spells at Rhinebeck for you. All wishes will be granted!" 

and Lucia.
"Yarn and roving, cashmere, silk,
Help Margene, you green-faced ilk!"


When I return, if I return, to the land of Green Faced Witches, I will be armed with good wishes,, and good spells, from dear friends. Who needs anything more?

Both heels were turned last night. I am officiall caught up! But, there is a lot of foot to come (times two!). Any help will be welcome, grrls.


Yay, I knew you can do it! and the legs always go with no problems, I don't know why but this is how it is! :)

Haha! I am about to turn heel number 2! We'll keep each other on our toes through this KAL. :-) I keep forgetting to photo each stage as I find myself racing into the next clue. Yours look great!

All those spells of good will are helping!!

I'm at the same spot - I worked the heels in the car on the way to Rhinebeck.

Hocus pocus dominocus, the spirits are about to speak...

Are they friendly spirits?

Friendly? Of course they are! And they all are sending their very best spells and wishes.

Yay! You're doing it!


Woo Hoo!

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Needles that together rub'll
Quickly knit magenta feet,
Margene's socks cannot be beat!

I'm glad the spells are working for you! That certainly is a be-witching color!

They are so pretty. It's wonderful to have so many people casting spells for you!!!!

What a wonderful fall color. Your toes will be toasty in style!

I am glad the spells worked. Wish you a magical weekend.

Love the Dutch spell! And that I could actually (more or less) understand it.

This post made me smile:) Winter is just around the corner and you will be glad for more wool socks!

I see Cheryl S beat me to Bullwinkle's spell!
Socks are looking great!

ooOHHH....Witches aside, those are going to be absolutely beeutiful socks! I lurve that color!

Hee Hee! I need some witches like that!

Nothing like a good spell! Love the socks.

It is simplicity. We know the ways of the witches, and the spells weave their magic.

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