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Traveling Ten on Tuesday

I'm jumping on Carole's Ten on Tuesday band wagon this week, as I spent much of my childhood in the back seat of a car, traveling the country, and seeing the sights.

My mother was a master and keeping children entertained.  She kept us busy, knew how to break up fights, or keep them from happening and knew all the tricks to keeping us happy.

1.  We played the alphabet game. This was our number one favorite, as we could use road signs, license plates and store fronts.  There were few major highways when I was a kid.

2.  When I was a kid there was no such thing as a car stereo and radio stations were few and far between, but we sang, one big happy family singing show tunes and songs of the day.  (Purple People Eater was my fave!)

3.  Mom had work books with information on each of the states and we wrote down interesting town names, State Capitals, and geographical features.

4. We played the license plate game!

5. Snacks! The first day we'd have celery sticks with Cheez Whiz, but after that it was Ritz Crackers with Cheez Whiz. We had homemade cookies for as long as they'd last (a day or two if we traveled far).  Mom had a wet washcloth in the glove box that she passed around to clean our hands and she'd washed it out every chance she got.

6. We stopped at every marker and tourist sight.  Kids need to stretch, run and play.  It's not nice to keep them cooped up for too long.(Adults are the same way!)

7. The parents bought us a collection of postcards and silly, fun souviners we could played with for hours.

8. We ate at the local fast food places (the big box golden arches didn't exist).  It was 1965 and I remember asking for a taco some place in Missouri. What?  Well, they had no idea so, I had to go with the burger.

9. Have a sturdy tent big enough for the whole family and know where the campgrounds are all along your route.  My dad was the master at setting up our camp for the night. 

10.  Make the trip fun, stay busy, sing, and most important of all, look out the window! 


Great list Margene! We went across country when I was 12 and my Mom thought I had my nose in a book the entire time. No way! I've never forgotten that trip or your beautiful state!

Oh my, this is a GREAT list! We didn't "travel" the country so much except as we MOVED -- all over tarnation! -- and at least once a year from the time I was born 'til I was in third grade -- factor in three kindergartens (that would be three moves in 9 months +/-). Anyway, I remember eating at those local joints -- I'd always order grilled cheese & milk (it was the only time I'd ever get to have Whole Milk, and I loved it!).

I bet your family road trips were awesome and I know you have great memories of them. I love that you were asking for a taco in 1965 - the year I was born. No one here in the Northeast was eating them either. My mother thought lasagna was "ethnic" food.

I do love your list! and Purple People Eater was one of my faves too :^)

Wonderful list of memories!

That's a great list. All I could think of when I saw the list for this week was "really?". I drive too much now, but completely forgot about our explorations when I was a kid;-P

Oh that brings back memories. It annoys me to no end that kids now watch tv or dvd's while they are riding in the car. Our world is becoming so unobservant.

Sounds like you had some fun road trips!

My sister and I can recognize stretches of road along US2 where my folks made us get out and walk because we were arguing. I remember license plates and alphabet games, though.

Great post.

Do you remember those flat rectangular cookies with raisins in them - we called them "Dead Fly" cookies...they were on every road trip!

We never flew in a plane when I was a kid - too expensive to take 4 kids anywhere but by car. Travel bingo, arguing with siblings over who got to sit in the way-back of the station wagon, alphabet game, license plates - all 50 states...

Love YOUR LIST..what special memories you must have of these family travels.

Everyone played the license plate and alphabet games! :)

On our family road trips, Mom used to pay my brother and me a penny-a-mile to not argue, talk, or fight. Dad would stop anywhere that sold soft, vanilla ice cream.

Reading your list brought back such good memories of trips my parents took us on every summer. Those were good times. The interstate highways are boring compared to the old state highways.

Thanks for the "flashboack"!!!

Fabulous. I remember those kind of vacations! Family trips are definitely a part of Americana that can't be beat!

Your list brought big smiles! We had an old Toyota Land Cruiser (when they were big and clunky). My mom would spread out the flannel lined (stags running) sleeping bag, and my brother and I played with all kinds of toys we brought from home. We loved counting VW Bugs (predating the "slug bug" craze) as well. Good times!

Your mom was indeed the queen! What a great list!

Wonderful list, Margene! I remember long trips like that.


We used to have our two boys pretend to be dogs when we stopped for gas or food. DH would throw the ball/stick/whatever and they would chase it and bring it back, laughing hysterically and pretending to bark. That got the wigglies out for a good 100 miles.

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