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...Anne and Lori's Ennea Collective becomes a reality. This bi-monthly e-zine will feature knitting, spinning and weaving patterns. With two spinning wheels sitting idly for months, I'm in need of help to get my spin on.  Make sure you check out the Ravlery groupRav_linkredyarnball.

Cold weather is coming and, in fact, I’ve already worn mitts and leg warmers while on my morning walk. Gloves, full fingered gloves, will soon be a must and I’ve found just the thing. On the heels of Twist and Knit, Miriam has published a collection of gloves inspired by glamorous, stylish actresses of old Hollywood. Vivien Leigh, Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford! I love each glove in turn and it's difficult to decide which to knit first from the Silver Screen Collection.

SilverScreenCover_small *image used with permission (Ravelry downloadRav_linkredyarnball also available)

Mr. Sock Mojo has promised to stick around until SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball is over, but he is packing his bags for a quick escape.  He knows how fickle I can be when it comes to glove knitting.


Thank you for the link to the Ennea Collective. It looks promising.

I wore fingerless mitts this week - it was COLD in my office at the COA. I always want to knit more of them, too.

Thanks for the heads up. Loving the spinning articles on Ennea. I have already joined their Rav group. Love more spinning devoted articles.

You have the most interesting friends, dearheart! I will most definitely check out the Ravelry link. Happy Friday!!!

My daughter and I have been talking about gloves. I've not done any and it may be time to give them a go! Happy fall weekend!

Thanks for the shout-out. :) Now get that wheel spinnin'.

Thank you for the link, loved the spinning articles and just browsing around, very nicely done!
I've been mitt and mittn knitting of late, fun!
Happy weekend, Margene!

I'm so in love with Mim's Silver Screen Collection! So beautiful! Off to check out Ennea Collective...

Have a great weekend, Margene!

Intriguing - thanks!

ooh... lovely! I will have to run off now and check out Ennea... almost was holding my breath. Have a great fall weekend.

Yes! You need those gloves!


I haven't quite had to break out the winter woolies, but I did wear my Brattleboro Hat a couple weeks ago on a blustery day when I had a cold. LOVE the new Ennea Collective!

I can definitely see you in those gloves - so elegant!

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