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My silence is not due to Rhinebeck envy (although I am a little envious).  I've heard from a few friends and it sounds like they had a wonderful time...a fleecy, fun and good friends kinda time.

My silence is due to the beauty of our fall. Tomatoes, beets and lettuce grow in the garden and the cooler night temperatures enhance the sweetness of the fruit. We could not ask for a more abundant, colorful or elegant fall. I know the weather will change, but I revel in its warmth, and enjoy the slow turning of seasons.  And then there is the chickens...10 eggs a day (15 chickens).  The grrls love the fresh lettuce and beet greens we share.

You will not find my Ten on Tuesday list, but we did buy a small freezer and it's nearly full of meats, veggies from our garden, and Vicki's fabulous tomato sauce. We made another batch (our last?) on Sunday. 

My camera has been on the kitchen table for weeks, but it is now back in my handbag.  Fall pictures will be here soon (and maybe knitting!).



Sounds like you've definitely been keeping busy! :)

I'm glad you are enjoying the fall. I'm trying to enjoy it more this year, too, and not let it drag me down with the thought of what follows. Living in the moment and all that.

We have had a glorious fall this year, too! It's been such a treat to revel in some truly golden days this season.

I'm so intrigued by your chickens and their eggs!

I haven't yet been out to the garden to see what's there after my weekend away. But looking out the window, I did spy some red in the tomato plants.

This time of year is just so wonderful isn't it? We have put our garden to bed other than the herbs, broccoli and carrots and already I am thinking of next year. :-) Laurie, Manise and I were wondering what you were going to do with the chick grrls over the winter? Is there a communal hen house?

Yep, there's a fair bit of tomato sauce in my freezer, too! I forgot about this week's "10," and it was all I could do to post the paltry post I did and to drag myself to work today. I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying every minute of fall!

So, you haven't been posting because you've been...eating!!! LOL! I'm so glad you're having a lovely autumn. Ours has been more cold and gray Novemberish for the most part, and the vegetables (except for green peppers) are long gone.

It all sounds glorious :^)

Such a busy time of year. Enjoy it!

Enjoy the 'perfection' while it's there!

Glad you're out enjoying and living in the moment. Yeah, what will become of the chickie grrls during the winter? I still have collards, carrots, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, parsley, chives and beans, though in much smaller quantities. I see green tomato chutney in my plans if they don't ripen.

Ah, you are the ant and we are the grasshoppers.

Enjoy it all as long as you can, dearheart! This is the best weather for a bit.

This is my favorite season to enjoy. Growing up in southern California, I didn't have an opportunity to really enjoy seasons. The wonder of fall leaves, the crisp air, the ever changing sky. What's not to love?
(ten eggs! yowza!)

I've been pretty silent myself - the world seemed to speed up here this month - and I'm still trying to catch up!

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