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How did it get to be October?  The garden has been winding down as the days grow shorter.  What we could save of the garden harvest is stored in our new freezer (the small size) and we'll be savoring it over the next few months.  The weather this last week has been quite warm, but the coming week looks cold and wet. Socks will soon be needed and, while the sock drawer is quite full, sock attrition is expected this coming winter. Many of my socks are very old, not strong enough to withstand a winter of wear. Knitting must be done.


Monkey sock knitting will continue after the TTL Mystery sock reaches completion and I have spent a little time with my Henley, or maybe, here and there and in between. Hopefully, by the time Socktober is over, I’ll have two new pairs of socks!  One can hope.

It's SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball! Ready, set....


Good luck with the socks. I must say your peony looks prettier than my cranberry, was it not in the yarn shop where I bought mine or did I just miss it?!? :)

Ready, set. . . socks!

Sounds like your sock mojo is back - hooray! Cool pic, too.

Love your garden photo complete with your very tall shadow. :-) I am drooling over your choice of yarn/ color for TTL Mystery Sock KAL. Off to search for mine. Go!

Thanks for sharing your new garden adventure and know you will enjoy your saved goodies.
Look forward to seeing sock as it progresses..I'm not going to commit to that this runs into a time I'll be with Mom on dial up and I recall last year I got behind...did I ever catch up..doubtful:)

Do I see my very favorite sock yarn??? What a gorgeous view in the top photo!

I used to think the garden looked sad after harvest, but no longer. I think it looks like it gave you everything it could and now needs a rest;-P I love the yarn. Stay warm and cozy this weekend and I love your yarn. It's gorgeous!!!!

YAY - Sock Mojo returns! ;)
(and no joke...what happened to Sept?)

Margene, I love that picture!

I love that shadow picture! And how the HECK did it get to be October 1?!?

You've inspired me to post my own shadow picture! Happy October!

Wow - your garden definitely looks like October. Mine still looks like July.

That picture with your shadow is really inspired and perfect to express the coming of fall. Good luck with the TTL mystery socks.

i vowed to never make socks again after the huz felted EVERY pair I've ever made . . . but, maybe I should reconsider!

Well. . . I'm glad it's October! ;-)
I LOVE the color of your mystery socks! Can't wait to see them unfold. Your garden is lovely -- in all seasons. (I think it's the backdrop. . .)

October? How? I'm still wrestling with the idea of September.

Happy sock knitting, my friend. I guess someone has to do it. ;^)

That's a gorgeous photo, all the colours.
Yes, it is October and am I ever glad! :^)
Tuck in with your sock knitting, it'll feel good.

Happy Socktoberfest!


This is always the sad part of gardening. We pulled out the strawberries last week. They were really played out and we'll do something else with that bed. Our unseasonably warm weather has allowed us a longer harvest, so no complaints here.

Ah, Socktoberfest. I downloaded the cuff last night, but I am focusing all my attention on a baby blanket for a little girl born two days ago. I hope I'll be able to keep up with you all on the TTL socks!

Happy fall!

That would be great progress! I'm planning on sock knitting for Rhinebeck.

Ah yes...sandal season gives way to sock season. Our tomatoes have pretty much given up for the year, but the bell peppers are suddenly coming on strong. I think we finally got enough rain for them to kick into "grow" gear.

Your picture. It almost makes me cry, I miss the Wasatch so. There too many damn trees here, I can't see anything, much less a grand peak towering over my valley home.

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