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Morning Dew


Sunday mornings we head to the garden right after breakfast to harvest what we can.  A church owns the land the community garden is on and as payment we donate a part of our harvest.  This time of year there isn't much left, but we do have many beautiful little cherry tomatoes and bunches of spinach and lettuce.  The morning dew wets our hands as we pick, and nosh, from the garden.


You've met Millie, my cute little hen, but let me introduce Cornleaf, one of the friendliest of our brood.  She comes up beside me and wants to be held on my lap. If I don't lift my arm and allow her to climb up, she'll peck at my shirt until I do.  Is Millie jealous? No, she's off bossing everyone else around.  She's the leader of the pack.

Knitting is being accomplished...a report to come.


Pure bliss!
There's something special about freshly picked veges from the garden...and tasting while picking! Ahh! You gotta love a bossy chook!

That is so sweet. Cornleaf is very pretty, too.

What a sweet hen!

What a fun name for a sweet girl. Happy Day!

What a relaxing way to spend your Sunday mornings.

Aw, I didn't realize chickens were affectionate!

"walk me out in the morning dew, my honey" i'm gonna have that song in my head all day!

Trust you to have chosen the Queen of the Chickens to adopt.

Sweet! Cornleaf, that seriously tickles me.

I'm hoping by next spring to be on a day shift that will allow me to get chickens. They've got so much personality.

that's a great way to support the church and the community. how funny about the chicken!

I want a community garden!

What beautiful pix! They fit right in with the Thanksgiving theme I've been enjoying while reading posts from our friends up north.

The happy tones in your blog ring loudly..

What a wonderful garden! I had no idea that chickens looked for some lovin'! Cornleaf sounds like such a sweetheart!

Chickens can be very persistent! I'm glad you're enjoying them (and their eggs!)

How sweet! She would look good on a greeting card...

How cute! I never thought about chickens having such personality.



there is absolutely nothing as yummy as fresh eggs, is there!

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