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A month ago I blogged about my first sweater and the list of projects I'd kept at the back of a well loved knitting book. Birdsong recognized the sweater and realized she had saved the pattern when cleaning out old magazines.  She made copies of two patterns in the same magazine (AHC c. 1975) and, as it turned out, the second sweater was also one I'd knit. (It was also on my list.)

When the patterns arrived they were a blast from the past and, as I pulled them from the envelope, memories came flooding back.  Thumbing through a new magazine was exciting for a new knitter, as they were packed with ideas, beautiful colors, and fashions of the day.  I couldn't knit fast enough or accomplish enough, much like today.


Magazines of today are full of beautiful things to knit, but many of us find and buy patterns on-line.  Knitting before the internet, or Ravelry, is almost impossible to imagine...which leads me to SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball!  It wouldn't be October without Kristen's Mystery SockRav_linkredyarnball.


Friday night I quickly worked through the first clue with a yarn subtle enough to show off the charming cables of the cuff.  My partner for this mystery is ShibuiSock, in the lovely shade of Peony. However, working with two skeins presents a bit of a challenge, because they love tangling with each other an, as any knitter knows, tangled yarn is not entertaining.  Being of the Sherlock mind, the problem was easily solved with the use of two small project bags, and one for each sock. Everyone is now contained, under control, nestled in, ready and waiting. 

Bring it on.


I finished my first clue last night too. Fun isn't it? Love your sock yarn. Wonderful color.

How fun to get those original patterns! And your sock color is gorgeous. I finished my cuffs, too, and I'm ready for the next clue.

What are the odds that Birdsong had those patterns? What a small world! And,I love the peony color. So very pretty.

LOVE the color. Great solution to the tangled mess. :)

Ah, nostalgia. I remember how excited I felt when our new knitting mag arrived. Your sock yarn is a lovely colour and the pattern looks great already.

Beautiful beginnings, Margene!

One word: ziplocs! I always do two sleeves at the same time and that's the only way I keep things untangled.

I remember my first sweater, a yellow mohair cardigan. I worked on it all summer at the beach (mohair and sand.....real smart) and wore it for the first time to class in college. The day JFK was shot. Never wore it again.

How cool that she had those patterns!!

Pretty and mysterious sock. :)

I love the cuff of the Mystery Socks. I'm sure that it will be a great pattern, considering the designer.

I have some old Interweaves that a friend gave me and with little tweaks, they could definitely be knit today! I love how fashion changes, and comes back again.

How neat!

I'm glad you have the Shibui under control so your new socks can continue.


I need to get cracking on the first clue...week from hell precluded much knitting so I am planning to crank on two clues this weekend.

How wonderful!

What fun! Oh, to see those hairdos! I used to work so hard with my hairdryer and the hot rollers and the standing upside down and the hairspray. . . to get Just That Look! :-) (Love the color of your socks! Love.)

Mmmm. Manise is doing that too, and she is armed with baggies.

Look at that hair! I used to rock that hairstyle...took hours to do it, but I pulled it off. LOL! Love the sock yarn. :-)

I probably have that magazine tucked away in my sewing room somewhere, amongst hundreds of other sewing and knitting magazines. (Yes, I do answer to "hey, Packrat")
Love the cuff of the sock. Every year I tell myself I'm going to do the Mystery Sock, but never follow through. Maybe this should be the year...

pretty sock and yarn combo!

One of these days I'm going to have to join everyone in the mystery sock business. Now is not the time for socks at my house, though!

I am so glad you liked them! I think some of those designs are classics, though I don't want to ever knit another of those big-shouldered, over-sized tunics that were so popular in the early 90s! Your mystery sock is in one of my favorite fall colors and will be fun to watch develop.

Ooo, I have a stash of that exact yarn - 6 skeins actually :-) It makes me think of my neighbor's clematis by her front door.

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