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Don't Tell Me It's Over!

A couple of people have been knitting up a sock storm. (Look at the beautiful socks Hillary knit for CookieA's new book!)  My goal, for the month of October, was to finish the Mystery SockRav_linkredyarnball and knit the second Monkey sock of an abandon pair.  October ain't over, right?


The Monkey sock has had a few issues.  For the first pair the color spiraled nicely up the leg and continued down the foot.  The second sock, well, it had ideas of its own and it took to pooling, flashing and doing anything else it liked. Cheryl said it looks as if bleach had been thrown on it, but I think it looks more like it threw up all over itself. Feh.  Since the goal is to finish and I didn't really love the pair of socks all that muchanyway and, because a sock is usually hiding beneath a pant leg and, this is as close as I get to living dangerously, I've continued on. 


The Mystery sock has been better behaved but this yarn is pretty tame by comparison.  The biggest problem here is lack of time, oh and, a distraction here and there, plus my hands may be old enough that tiny needles can only be handled for short bursts of time.  Hey, I'm farther along than I thought!


The distraction?  I might have started a (yet another) project, one that has grabbed my fancy.  The project is Susan's Fog LifterRav_linkredyarnball in the beautiful and rustic, Plain & Fancy Sport. This yarn came back with me from the last Estes Wool Festival I attended in 2007. (Can it really be that long ago?)

Working For Space

When I walk into my crowded junque/fiber/guest room I feel completely overwhelmed and a craving for space seeps into my soul. The only way to find open space is to dig through the mess, decide which items to keep, which to toss, and step by step, build my different space.


Where to start, how to start on this desired path is difficult, but this is the direction I must go. Decisions must be made as to whether something is a treasure or an albatross. The rule is to donate or dump and every day something will leave this room, small or large, something will go. (For instance, why do I still have that old iMac and 50% of the books?)


I’m starting in the closets, sorting through binders of old patterns, piles of discarded projects and detritus of the last 10-30 years. In the end, my hope is for a few empty shelves, a room with open space, no clutter, a new peaceful space to spin, knit, work, read and enjoy (and maybe even sit).

I'll keep you posted.

The Coop

Last spring our community garden bought fifteen little red hens and they have been livin' the good life ever since.  Each hen has been adopted, and named, by members of the garden, including me, and we are all a little bit crazy about our love for the grrls.  It was such a relief to see their home, a charming little coop, hadn't been damaged in the storm.  


The hengrrls of the coup would like to welcome you.  Smith and George (the head volunteer for the garden) built this very sturdy little cottage with windows and doors for both humans and birds.


Smithandtheproppedwindow The big back door latches shut and the grrls use the little door to go from coop to yard, yard to coop. All the windows can be propped up, or latched down, as needed. The coop cost little, as all the wood was salvaged, as was the old shower door they used for the front window.


Eggsfromourgrrls Inside the grrls have comfy little nests and a roost just big enough to hold all 15 birds. In the evening, just as the sun goes down, they nestle together in one big mass, to sleep and stay warm through the night. They jostle for position, clucking and bumping, until everyone is settled in place. (Sorry, it's hard to get a good picture at the end of the day, but take my word for it, they're darn cute!)  At the moment daily production is around 11-12 eggs. Look at the double-yoker on the front row!

Other projects, of the non-craft type, have been taking my time, but knitting has continued and, when I can grab a few minutes to take pictures, I'll show it off!

Winter Arrived!


Winter arrived last night with crazy winds and cold rain, which turned to snow.  The winds, or maybe even a small twister, ravage the garden area taking down major tree limbs and tossing about anything in its path.  The chickens, and their coop, are fine and you have never seen more relieved gardeners, Smith, George and I wandering around the garden assessing damage.  It could have been so much worse.

Smith and George are cleaning the garden and cutting the tree limbs they can reach, while I sit here, sipping tea, knitting and staying warm.  Thought I'd pop in and say "hia!".   Tomorrow I must return to work after four days off.  I'm going to enjoy today!

Who Needs Witches?

When you have friends who know how to cast a spell, there is no need for Witches.

Marijke cast a spell:

"Hocus, pocus, pilatus, pas, ik wou dat de tweede sok af was! (I am sending you a Dutch spell that should ensure that your 2nd sock will be finished in no time.)"

And the second sock (leg) WAS finished very quickly.

To insure the rest of my sock knitting would be pitfall free, spells were cast by Laurie,

"We cast our own spells at Rhinebeck for you. All wishes will be granted!" 

and Lucia.
"Yarn and roving, cashmere, silk,
Help Margene, you green-faced ilk!"


When I return, if I return, to the land of Green Faced Witches, I will be armed with good wishes,, and good spells, from dear friends. Who needs anything more?

Both heels were turned last night. I am officiall caught up! But, there is a lot of foot to come (times two!). Any help will be welcome, grrls.

My Mountain

In the early hours of morning I walk around our circle (about 1/2 mile), or rather I sleep walk the first time around and then pick up speed as my body gets into the rhythm.  5:00am is a beautiful, peaceful time of day as the sky is still dark, the neighbors still sleep, and the only sound is of far off traffic.  By the time I arrive at the office, around 7:45am, the sun is coming over the mountain and filling the sky with light. 

By mid-afternoon the mountain is bathed in the strong light of day, which shows off nature's autumnal pallet.  While the colors are not the vivid, strong colors of New England foliage, the burnish patchwork creates beautiful tonul hues of fall.  Everyday of warmth feels like a gift, as the luxurious fall continues (at least until the weekend).

Knitting fills as many of my leisure hours as is possible, which means my exquisite blue Henley grows. The cables and lace are easily memorized and knitting while chatting can be accomplished. Woohoo!  What do I love more?  The color, or the fabric created by the yarn, a richly hued Opulence?  Together they do such a lovely job of making me happy.


What lifts you up today?

Still Here

My silence is not due to Rhinebeck envy (although I am a little envious).  I've heard from a few friends and it sounds like they had a wonderful time...a fleecy, fun and good friends kinda time.

My silence is due to the beauty of our fall. Tomatoes, beets and lettuce grow in the garden and the cooler night temperatures enhance the sweetness of the fruit. We could not ask for a more abundant, colorful or elegant fall. I know the weather will change, but I revel in its warmth, and enjoy the slow turning of seasons.  And then there is the chickens...10 eggs a day (15 chickens).  The grrls love the fresh lettuce and beet greens we share.

You will not find my Ten on Tuesday list, but we did buy a small freezer and it's nearly full of meats, veggies from our garden, and Vicki's fabulous tomato sauce. We made another batch (our last?) on Sunday. 

My camera has been on the kitchen table for weeks, but it is now back in my handbag.  Fall pictures will be here soon (and maybe knitting!).


Today is the Day...


...Anne and Lori's Ennea Collective becomes a reality. This bi-monthly e-zine will feature knitting, spinning and weaving patterns. With two spinning wheels sitting idly for months, I'm in need of help to get my spin on.  Make sure you check out the Ravlery groupRav_linkredyarnball.

Cold weather is coming and, in fact, I’ve already worn mitts and leg warmers while on my morning walk. Gloves, full fingered gloves, will soon be a must and I’ve found just the thing. On the heels of Twist and Knit, Miriam has published a collection of gloves inspired by glamorous, stylish actresses of old Hollywood. Vivien Leigh, Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford! I love each glove in turn and it's difficult to decide which to knit first from the Silver Screen Collection.

SilverScreenCover_small *image used with permission (Ravelry downloadRav_linkredyarnball also available)

Mr. Sock Mojo has promised to stick around until SocktoberRav_linkredyarnball is over, but he is packing his bags for a quick escape.  He knows how fickle I can be when it comes to glove knitting.

Begging for Spells

My return to the Land of Green Witches was sadly sad. Because I was unable to visit last year, the Witches were not very friendly.  They did not seem to care I had been convalescing and unable to spend time in their midst.  Witches can be so mean at times.


Even though I was decked out in last years Mystery Sock, a sweater by the same designer, and a new pair of orange shoes, the Witches paid me no mind.  In fact, Mz. Dressed Tothe-Nines, laughed herself silly!  She was very pleased with her look and thought I was trying too hard. "A spell for you? NOT!"  My sad face is genuine.

I tried and tried with Witch after Witch turning down my pleas.  Bags in hand, second Mystery sock in trouble, I was ignored to the Nth degree.

Mz. Pumpkinhead said, "Can't you see I'm having too much fun to spend any time casting spells for you?!" (Yes, she is hanging up-side down.) 

"Just one, just one little spell?", said I. 

Said she, "Not now! I'm busy!" 

My sad face is genuine.

As I walked away with my head hanging low, I ran across the reason the Witches were having so much fun.  Mz. Greengoo had been serving her brew free of charge to anyone with a green face!! 

"You, my dear, can have no brew. Your face is NOT green!  There is a way, however, my pretty. I will be happy to serve you, but only if you give me your orange shoes!" 

A gasp from me, "No, no! I cannot give up my cute new shoes!"

"Then off with you!  No shoes, no service!"

With a genuinely sad face I walked away.  "Whatever will I do?"


"Better luck next time!", taunted one of the Witches from her window, and I heard them all cackling as I walked away. Maybe I can find a good way to get them on my side. Whatever will I do?

Proof of Knitting

While the garden winds down, the knitting should wind up and, to some extent, it has. Since the secret knitting is finished (yay!), I've had more time to spend with my Henley.  You may have forgotten about this beautiful sweater, as the poor thing hasn't been featured much, but that's about to change. 

There is ever so much to love about this's blue, it's knit with Opulence, and it's a very nice pattern of lace and cables, all of which adds up to very entertaining knitting. The fabric the yarn creates is soft and luxurious, plus every stitch is a different shade.  I've seen black, light blue, darkest night blue and every shade in between wrap around the needle. Plus, the color, Forever in Blue Jeans, has one of the best names ever and it lives up to it's delightful moniker.  I'd love to live forever in blue jeans, wearing a Forever in Blue Jeans sweater, and I just might!


If I stuck with this sweater it would grow and the dream of living in Blue Jeans would come true, but I'm side tracked by a Mystery.  As you can see, the leg of the first sock flew off the needles.  Knitting each of the "tiny trowls" was fun to do, but I'm having trouble getting the second sock going.  The next clue will be published Friday and I must do what I can to be ready and stay on track. What's a girl to do? I mustn't fall behind.  Help is needed...