Happy Ending

Extension Ends

Summer's wonderful extension ended Sunday afternoon, as wind and clouds took over the sky. My last two weekends were full of sun, so much so I ended up with fever blisters on my lips. This is not a complaint, as they were dealt with forthwith (I have my ways), and only a tiny spot marred my face. With a face like mine, it's no biggy, heh.  There is a slight change in the leaves on the valley floor, as this weeks weather, finally, marks a change to fall.


Friday afternoon I had this years last pedicure with color. The comment by the technician that I must be a gardener made me laugh right out loud. (Oh my, the dirt that must have been crusted in the crevasses of my toenails!) I promised the next time they would be easier to clean. The happy orange on my toes made the weekend all the better, but the next time they will be sans polish, as my toes do not like the cold one little bit. 


The past week was so crazy busy I just couldn't get to my needles as often as I like, but I did finish Suzy's Leafy Mitts. They were quick, fun, and easy to knit. Suzy loves them almost as much as I do. The pattern may work beautiful in any Aran weight yarn, but Ruth's specially dyed Essential Merino is best way to go. I love the way the color looks against the ivy in Suzy's garden.


Gorgeous! Mitts and mittens are next up for me! It's going to be a lovely week here, but we've already experienced some of autumn's chill... and it will be back!

Pretty toes!! :)

Those mitts turned out really well.

Lovely mitts and very cute toes. Time to get out the handknit socks, isn't it?

The mitts are so cute! I like your orange toes, too.

I just hate the thought of putting away my Chacos for the winter!!

OOOoooo, I love the clouds. Hope you find more knitting time this week.

Love my Leafys!

The mitts look great!

Darn you, woman. I ordered the pattern and yarn to make my own mitts. I was able to be strong the first time you knit them, but this time I caved;-D Gorgeous clouds and such pretty toes. Mine are too cold to show anymore. It was 39 this morning. Oh, and the dirt also gets under your toenails. My pedicurist accuses me of squishing my feet in the mud;-P

Lovely toecolor! I'm such a fiend for polished toenails that I do mine all year round, even when the only time I see them is when I'm in the shower. We've had the cold and clouds here, too, but the end of the week is supposed to be warm and sunny again.

Toes and mitts, both works of art! We just put a blanket on the bed after holding out for three days and the bathroom floor got turned on yesterday. It's late for all of these...we are usually up to winter speed at the end of September in these here parts.

While it's sad not to see that Utah blue, the drama of that sky is beautiful as well. We're cooling down and clouding up too, though I was still able to go for my lunch time walk in short sleeves; I fear my days are numbered! Welcome to autumn!

Love those mitts! Hopefully there are still some nice days ahead before winter arrives.

Love the mitts!

And I'm glad you were able to enjoy so much sounds like your extension was much like our weather is now!

I only know your face from the blog, but yesterday there was a woman in the hospital cafeteria that I swear looks just like you. Maybe not your twin, but certainly a sister. I was 1/2 out of my seat to speak to you when reality set in...what would Margene be doing in Western PA??

I hate shoes and socks. There. I've said it. I only wear them when forced. My feet are always cold in the winter. . . but my toenails always shine!

Love the shades of grey in your cloud photo.

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