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Begging for Spells

My return to the Land of Green Witches was sadly sad. Because I was unable to visit last year, the Witches were not very friendly.  They did not seem to care I had been convalescing and unable to spend time in their midst.  Witches can be so mean at times.


Even though I was decked out in last years Mystery Sock, a sweater by the same designer, and a new pair of orange shoes, the Witches paid me no mind.  In fact, Mz. Dressed Tothe-Nines, laughed herself silly!  She was very pleased with her look and thought I was trying too hard. "A spell for you? NOT!"  My sad face is genuine.

I tried and tried with Witch after Witch turning down my pleas.  Bags in hand, second Mystery sock in trouble, I was ignored to the Nth degree.

Mz. Pumpkinhead said, "Can't you see I'm having too much fun to spend any time casting spells for you?!" (Yes, she is hanging up-side down.) 

"Just one, just one little spell?", said I. 

Said she, "Not now! I'm busy!" 

My sad face is genuine.

As I walked away with my head hanging low, I ran across the reason the Witches were having so much fun.  Mz. Greengoo had been serving her brew free of charge to anyone with a green face!! 

"You, my dear, can have no brew. Your face is NOT green!  There is a way, however, my pretty. I will be happy to serve you, but only if you give me your orange shoes!" 

A gasp from me, "No, no! I cannot give up my cute new shoes!"

"Then off with you!  No shoes, no service!"

With a genuinely sad face I walked away.  "Whatever will I do?"


"Better luck next time!", taunted one of the Witches from her window, and I heard them all cackling as I walked away. Maybe I can find a good way to get them on my side. Whatever will I do?


Hocus, pocus, pilatus, pas, ik wou dat de tweede sok af was! (I am sending you a Dutch spell that should ensure that your 2nd sock will be finished in no time.)

I'm so glad you got to go back this year, even if those bitches, errr witches, were mean to you.

Maybe, you just need an independent witch since the cadre is of no help. Whatever got into them this year????

Heartless witches! Perhaps you should go into business with Mz Greengoo. :-)

Mz. Greengoo isn't one to talk. That dame has nary a hint of green on the ginormous schnoz of her's. I'm thinking she's the one with some issues and she's making you her scapegoat! Buck-up! Perhaps a darling witch will come to your door on Halloween!

Me and my new green-faced witch (by M) and Hootie love this...and ironically, I just bought a new's straw! Hootie is going to work on being's a stretch.

Poor Margene! But I wouldn't give up those shoes for ANY witch!

Phooey on 'em! You've got that gorgeous sweater, and a beautiful sock, and your shoes. (not to mention a hen). Who needs a spell?

Oh, those mean witches!

O noes! :( But you could not give up your shoes!!

I wouldn't give up those shoes either! Better luck next year.

What nasty witches! But such great shoes are sure to bounce your spirits high in no time.

Poor Margene. Meanie witches!

Forget those silly witches! And those orange shoes are priceless! BTW seeing Acer reminds me - did I ever mention that my daughter and I did a KAL on Acer? She loved it so much that she's almost finished with the second one! Acer is just so comfortable. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We made some wonderful memories and they include you!

Yarn and roving, cashmere, silk,
Help Margene, you green-faced ilk!

You really are adorable.

I'm showing my husband this post. He lives for stuff like this!

I had not even thought to consult witches for help with socks. I guess there just are not any shortcuts on socks. I was hoping you had a trick.


Oh, such fun! I'm glad you didn't give up your orange shoes :-)

I was just thinking about your green witches this morning on my drive to work. So glad to see them visiting again, even if they weren't very hospitable for you, Margene. Thank you!

You should have brought them some toads...
(And good for you for not giving up those shoes!!!)

No shoes, no service?!?! I laughed out loud at that. Um...where did you find the green witches, Greenwich??? ;-)

I love reading your blog. You tell such fun and creative stories.

We cast our own spells at Rhinebeck for you. All wishes will be granted!

cackle cackle indeed

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